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Conky remains one of the coolest ways of customizing your Linux desktop. Conky uses the X window system allowing you to monitor system variables such as CPU usage, swap space, temperatures, network download and upload speeds, time, calendar and much more.

Check out this article on how to set up Conky on your Ubuntu desktop. If you got Conky installed already, let us look at some awesome themes to get your desktop sparkling and make your friends jealous. These themes are quite varying in appeal and form and hopefully, there will be one or a few which surely would impress you. There are a ton of Conky themes out there and you can always find some from Deviantart.com and a few other sites. So let’s started.

5 Best Conky themes

Conky Rings

​The first theme I recommend is Conky Rings. Conky rings provide pretty simple but detailed specs for your system. First, there is information on drive usage, then there is a pretty cool clock with analog and digital readings with the day of the week and date on the side. There is information also for your CPU, RAM and a TO-DO list. All these are somewhat carried in rings around the clock. You just check out Conky rings for yourself.

Download it from here. The theme requires conky-lua. Install it first. Also, download and install Santana font.

conky rings for linux

Conky Vision

​The second on the list is Conky vision and it is probably my favorite. This is because it is simple and I love simple. For those of us who happen to like a clean desktop with no icons and the no fuss, Conky Vision is a winner. When it comes to the information provided with just a handful. All you are provided is a prominent time and date below it. Then you get five days of weather forecast beneath it. Conky vision is just awesome. You can download Conky Vision from here. It requires the Poiret One font.

conky vision

Sidebar Conky

​Sidebar Conky theme provides you with pretty much all the information that you can ask for tacked in a cool sidebar on your desktop. There is time, date, operating system version, codename, and desktop environment. There is a cool CPU usage graph with the corresponding temperature. There is also information on top processes, memory usage, network signal, IP, Up speed and data usage. Then there is information on the weather conditions. Impressed? Download Sidebar Conky theme from here. With the right wallpaper with fewer distractions, you got yourself a winner.

sidebar conky

Black Pearl Conky

​The thing with this theme is that everything appears in just black and white and that’s so cool. The widgets can be presented in two smooth columns on either side of the desktop. You can load widgets for all kinds of information. There is time, calendar, upload and download speeds, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, USB Devices, battery, CPU, RAM, and even a to-do list. It’s pretty smooth and clean. You can download the Black Pearl Conky theme from here.

black pearl conky linux

Conky Config Black Diamond

​Conky config Black Diamond theme provides a pretty clean setup with your information presented in clean simple and transparent panels. You get all the usual information, date, weather, CPU, Ram, Disk usage, Internet speed, signal strength, music, etc. If you need to have a lot of information provided by Conky, then Conky config Black Diamond is a pretty great choice. Check out the image below. If you love this theme, you can download it from here.

Conky Config Black Diamond


​These wraps up the first part of awesome Conky themes to get you started. These cool Conky themes will get your desktop looking gorgeous and as I said in the beginning, they vary in a lot of areas especially in function and appeal, one would surely work for you.

The thing with most Conky themes is picking the right matching wallpaper so do not hasten to write them off. Consider changing your wallpaper if you can. If you got to stick to a particular wallpaper, then you can juggle around some of these themes to find the one that would work best with the wallpaper.

Also, keep in mind that Conky also tends to work better on some distros or desktop environments than others so you can switch if you can. There you have it until we are back with some more themes for Conky, and we are going to be back with some more themes for you to try your hands on, happy tweaking and tinkering. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us right below.

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