5 Free Alternatives To Google Drive On Linux


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Google Drive is one of the most popular, freemium cloud storage services from Google. Gdrive is an official client for Google drive and a must-have application for Windows. But sadly the most popular service can’t be used on Linux via any official client like Gdrive. So I thought to find free alternatives to Google Drive on Linux and I came up with the list of 5 free cloud storage services that provide clients for Linux. I know you’ll love it.

Cloud storage is the necessity of our digital life. It allows our different devices to talk to one another. Google Drive provides free space but as you would have noticed that it does not provide any official client app for Linux. All you have to do to use Google Drive on Linux is an open web browser and go to Google Drive’s web app which is time-consuming. Of course, there are some unofficial Google Drive clients are available but they are either premium or not very productive.

So to solve the problem, I came up with the list of 5 cloud storage services that let you sync your files right from your Linux desktop through their official client app for Linux.


The first one on our list is MEGA cloud storage. One of the best cloud storage services, MEGA provides 50GB of cloud storage for FREE! Yes! You heard that right! It’s 50GB free space.

MEGA cloud storage 50gb space

MEGA Linux Client

The best in MEGA for Linux users is that it provides a Linux client for syncing files right from your desktop. The client always runs in the background and keeps your files up-to-date.

MEGA cloud storage linux client app
Free Storage50GB
UpgradeUp to 4TB
Linux ClientYes
Mobile ClientYes (Android, Apple, Windows Phone, Blackberry)

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2. SpiderOAK

If you want privacy, then SpiderOAK is the best one for you. SpiderOAK is known for its Zero Knowledge-based system for storing users’ data. You can learn more about Zero-Knowledge here & here. Here is the quote from Edward Snowden’s speech in which he mentioned SpiderOAK.

Dropbox is hostile to privacy, unlike ‘zero knowledge’ SpiderOak. – Edward Snowden

Free Storage2GB for 60days trial
UpgradeSpiderOAKONE up to 5TB
Linux ClientYes
Mobile ClientYes (Android, iPhone)
SpiderOAKone linux client

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3. Dropbox

The World famous Dropbox has always been the alternative to Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. Dropbox provides 2GB of free space and allows to extend up to 1TB for personal use.

Dropbox on linux
Free Storage2GB
Upgradeup to 1TB for personal use
Linux ClientYes
Mobile ClientYes

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4. Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk is cloud storage from the Yandex search engine. Signing up with Yandex provides you many free services such as Mail, Maps, Images, and more. Yandex Disk provides 10GB of free space.

Free Storage10GB
Upgradeup to 1TB
Linux ClientYes (CLI)
Mobile ClientYes (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

Yandex Linux client is only CLI(Command Line Interface). So you will have to learn some very simple commands to link and sync your Yandex account from a client.

yandex-disk token username
Enter Yandex PasswordSync folder
yandex-disk start -dir directory path

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5. Bitcasa (Discontinued)

Bitcasa is last but not least. It provides 5GB cloud storage for free and allows to upgrade to a massive 10TB through premium plans. Bitcasa has a Linux client but currently, it’s only for Ubuntu 14.04.

Free Storage5GB
Upgradeup to 10TB
Linux ClientYes (only for 14.04)
Mobile ClientYes (Android, iPhone)

What Is Your Alternative To Google Drive On Linux?

I am very excited to know what’s your favorite alternative to Google Drive on Linux. Please let us know by taking the poll below or tell us if you use any other Cloud storage on Linux. I know there are tons of cloud storage services so let us know which one you use on Linux.