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533 Million Facebook Users Data leaked

Once again Facebook users’ data was compromised and leaked online for free. This time it is not in thousands but 533 million users’ data with personal information such as full names, Facebook IDs, locations, date of births, email addresses, and even phone numbers.

The day is not far when we’ll have a dedicated mobile app to download the latest Facebook data leaks. Surprisingly, most of the data is available for free.

According to Facebook’s spokesperson, the data leaked online was compromised using the vulnerability reported and fixed in 2019.

Facebook’s data leaks are so common that one day we might get push notifications whenever a database is available for download. When the personal information of millions of users goes online, for free, the last thing I want to know when it happened.

The way Liz tweeted about the data leak is old is undermining the whole scenario. The vulnerability Liz is talking about occurred in 2019 was severely under-reported. I think the majority of Facebook users are not even aware of any such vulnerability and availability of their personal data online.

So most users are still using the same email address and phone number. Actually, phone numbers and email addresses can be changed but what about the date of birth that hundreds of other services including banks ask to authenticate users at several places?

The real problem is the handling of such massive leaks by Facebook. If you consider leaks of 533 million users fixed, then the earth is actually Flat. Count me in flat earthers!


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