12 Best Arduino Projects To Do In Summer


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The free time of summer vacations or continuous hours is for many an ideal time to start more complex or long projects associated with some of their passions. If Arduino is among your interests and you want to reinforce your maker spirit, we propose 12 Arduino projects to do this summer.

12 Best Arduino Projects

The basic idea to create these projects is to get familiar with Arduino and practice of developing your ideas in reality. I will keep updating this list and add more cool Arduino projects.

So now without any further adieu, let us start with our first arduino project.

1. Alarm for our events in Google Calendar

Arduino project Alarm for events in Google Calendar

One of the most unknown plates in the world Arduino, the Yún, is the protagonist of this project in which we can automatically synchronize our Google calendar or Gmail mail so that, based on our events, the system configures a series of alarms.

More information | Smart Alarm.

2. Weight scale connected

You need a 3D printer for the casing and some parts, but the finish will then be excellent. In this project, with an Arduino board as brain and sensors to detect up to 200 kg of weight, you can build your own connected scale, with access to the IFTTT service to connect with other quantization accounts.

Weight scale connected

More information | Hackster.

3. Catapult

In a self-respecting maker project, a good part of learning can not be missing. In this proposal with Arduino, in addition to the programming itself, we carry in our backpack a good dose of analog sensors and servo motors.


More information | Maker Pro.

4. Advanced planter

With a cost of fewer than 150 euros, we can set up a wonderful autonomous garden system with Arduino. We will be able to automatically control the temperature, humidity, and amount of light received by our plants.

More information | Makezine.

5. Radar to detect objects

Very striking is this project that draws on a map created on a PC thanks to Processing, the presence of objects that the system detects thanks to an ultrasound sensor with a range of up to 4 meters and coverage/rotation of 180 degrees.

More information | HTM.

6. Mousetrap

Even the most analog tasks, such as creating a mousetrap, have an automated and advanced version. This project is not simple and it will take you some time but the investment and learning will give results: a cage suspended by magnets that by means of proximity sensors is able to detect when there is a mouse inside and then make the trap fall. Sound and light indicators are included to give us notice that the system has worked.


More information | Smart rat trap.

7. Secret gum machine

A chewing gum machine that only activates if on its surface we indicate a specific sound pattern. Striking with the correct rhythm of the pattern that we have previously decided, the combination of piezoelectric sensors with the brain of Arduino will only give us candy if we know the secret key, which logically we can change. but without the little ones finding out.

More information | Secret Knock Gumball Machine. ​

8. An Autonomous “Follow Me” Cooler

What is better than a cooler that follows you around? This project will teach you to create an autonomous ‘Follow me’ cooler that can connect to your smartphone, and follow you around using GPS.

arduino projects follow me cooler
arduino projects follow me cooler

The Arduino project built by Aaron at Hacker Shack is not extremely difficult to develop. The required tools and instructions have been well defined by him.

Complete instructions are available at Hackster.

9. GPS Tracker

If you are thinking to start your first Arduino project, this GPT tracker could be an easy one to complete. It uses an Arduino MKR Fox 1200 and a GPS module to get GPS positioning data. The data accuracy sent by the final device is very accurate.

The project is created by jgallar on Hackster. Complete instructions are available on this page.

10. Arduino based Amazon Echo

This one is one of the coolest Arduino projects you would have ever seen. An Arduino based Amazon Echo that can control house lighting, play music, tell the news, current weather reports, and more on voice commands.

Unlike other projects mentioned in this article, this one could be a little expensive to build. All the parts and instructions you need to build this project are mentioned over here. The project could be a little expensive and requires some additional knowledge about Arduino but once you build it successfully, it’s just great.

11. IoT controlled Temperature monitor

Another basic and beginner friendly Arduino project is an IoT controlled temperature monitor. It is an small project but very useful for collecting temperature data at a specific place.

The project you’ll build can indicate whether using red and green LEDs. The LEDs will turn on as the specific temperature is reached. Very useful and easy to build.

More information on the tools required and instructions can be found on Hackster.

12. UV-C Based Germs Disinfecting Machine

Another cool and useful Arduino project is UV-C based germs disinfecting machine. One thing that we’re hopefully going to adapt after the COVID-19 pandemic ends is the good habits of cleaning everything before touching.

Yeshvanth M built this awesome project that can clean mobile phones, wallets, packages by killing germs using UV-C.

For this project, you should have a little more knowledge than most of the above project. Yeshvanth M has 10+ years of experience. He has prepared an easy to follow guide that even beginners can try to follow and learn as they follow it.


Now we have put you in the lane. There might be other projects you might know that are not on this list. Why not join the discussion and let’s rub minds together! See you soon.