Author: Sohail

  • Bahraini Journalists and Activists Hacked With Pegasus

    Bahrain activists hacked with pegasus

    Pegasus, the malware developed by NSO Group, was responsible for the hacking of three Bahraini dissidents, according to an extensive study published on February 18, 2022 by The Citizen Lab. Two of the three activists have given their permission to be identified. NSO Group is an Israeli security company that has created a spyware programme […]

  • Symantec Discovers New “Highly Sophisticated” Chinese Hacking Tool

    Symantec Discovers New Highly Sophisticated Chinese Hacking Tool

    Symantec, a cybersecurity firm based in the United States, identified a highly sophisticated hacking tool that was allegedly developed by Chinese. The uncovered hacking tool is very complicated and has managed to avoid public scrutiny for over a decade. According to a US official, the finding of the malware was communicated to the United States […]

  • Google VPN – A VPN For Google’s Premium Users

    Google VPN

    VPN applications have become one of the most important applications in this age of censorship and bad actors who are constantly looking for information on you. No matter what device you use, there is no shortage of VPNs in the app store. In this article, I will review a VPN service provided by the tech giant, […]

  • Russia Blocked Twitter

    Russia blocked twitter

    Russia has blocked Twitter as it continues its invasion of Ukraine. In Russia, Twitter has the most users (31.1 million messages per month), followed by Odnoklassniki (88.5 million m/month), Instagram (135.1 million m/month), and Vkontakte (408.8 million m/month). Today, February 26, NetBlocks, a global internet monitoring service, verifies that Russia began restricting Twitter access on […]

  • NATO Puts Response Force on Stand-by After Russia’s Aggressive Invasion of Ukraine

    NATO Response Force on Stand by for the first time

    As Russia moves aggressively on its objective to invade Ukraine, other countries, especially Sweden and Finland, are concerned. NATO’s reaction force has been launched for the first time in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To protect its partners, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Tod Wolters ordered the response force. This activation of the response […]

  • Russian State Media Banned from Running Ads or Monetizing on Facebook

    Facebook bans russian state media from running ads

    It is difficult to ignore the news that will eventually or has already affected our lives. Several countries have imposed sanctions on Russia since the Russians started invading Ukraine. Sanctions affecting Russian banks, military exports, and oil refining. Meta Bans Russian State media from Ads or monetizing on its platform Meta will now prohibit Russian […]

  • Install PHP 8.1 In Debian 9, 10, and Debian 11

    Install PHP in Debian

    PHP is the most widely used programming language on the web. PHP 7 was released with a slew of new features and performance enhancements, and its successor, PHP 8, is even better. PHP 8.1.x is the most recent PHP build, released earlier this year. If you are starting a new PHP project, it is highly […]

  • Kasm Workspaces – Stream Docker Containers Easily & Quickly

    Kasm Workspaces stream docker containers

    Kasm Workspaces is an intriguing platform for security and development aficionados. It is accessible by web browser and allows users to deploy container apps, including full-fledged Ubuntu desktops. In our daily lives, we must deal with a wide range of challenges that arise in our workplace. As an independent developer, I am concerned with designing […]

  • [Fixed] username is not in sudoers file

    username is not in sudoers file

    In this article, we will fix a common error that new Linux users encounter username is not in sudoers file. The problem is related to user permissions and can be simply resolved with a single command. If you have recently established a new user on your Linux distribution, you may see the error “username is […]

  • [Fixed] bash: sudo: command not found

    bash sudo command not found

    sudo, Linux’s most useful command, is occasionally missing from several Linux distributions, most notably docker containers and lightweight Linux distributions. sudo is a utility that allows users to run commands with root access. It is the most helpful command and is included in almost all major Linux distributions. Yes, almost all. Several Linux distros, particularly […]