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  • Public, Private, Protected Access Modifiers and No Modifiers in Java

    Public Private Protected Access Modifiers and No Modifiers in Java

    Levels of Access Private No Modifier Protected Public Same Class Yes Yes Yes Yes Same Package Sub Class No Yes Yes Yes Same Package Non-Sub Class No Yes Yes Yes Different Package Sub Class No No Yes Yes Differnt Package Non-Sub Class No No No Yes If you do not understand the above table, do […]

  • Interfaces in Java

    Interfaces in Java

    We have already learned about the class. A class is a way of defining how an object would look and behave. A class contains variables and methods. Variables define how an object looks and feels. Methods inside a class define how an object behaves. An interface is a special type of class. We need to […]

  • new, switch and assert keywords in Java

    new switch assert keywords in java

    As we talked about abstract, for and continue keywords in our last article. We will be talking about the new, switch, and assert keyword in Java. new When we create a class in Java and decide to use this class, we need to make an object of this class and using the object of the […]

  • Java Is A Language of 50 Keywords ‘for’

    java keyword for

    As discussed in the previous article, we will be talking about 50 important keywords of Java. We have about the abstract keyword last time. This time we will discuss ‘for’ keyword. For The ‘for‘ a keyword is a loop keyword among several other loopings keywords. The other looping keywords are while loop, do-while loop. In […]

  • Java Keywords – Java Is A Language of 50 Keywords

    java is a language of keywords

    Freshly we have studied Object Oriented Programming Concept, and this time we will be discussing the necessary keywords in Java programming. In any programming language, the number of keywords is huge, but some keywords come into use very frequently. Today, we will be talking about those keywords. Please have patience and wait for all the […]

  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

    Object Oriented Programming Concepts

    Object-Oriented Programming Concepts, as you know, we are going to learn Java programming language. Java is an object-oriented programing language. Don’t worry about it if you do not understand what it is because I will explain it to you. Object-Oriented programming has two main things Object Class Note – An object is anything that you […]

  • Types of Code Translator

    types of code translators

    Before we start learning about the Java programming language and start talking about Class, Object, variables, etcetera, we need to talk about code translator. A code translator is a piece of code that the developer of the programming language creates. We know that we will be writing code in some programming language, and that code […]

  • History of Java

    History of Java

    Sun Microsystems first introduced Java in 1995. The project was started in the lab of Sun Microsystems by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, Patrick Naughton. There were more people in the team, but these three were main. The name of this team was the Green Team. The first version’s name was the Java Alpha Beta version […]

  • What’s New In Ubuntu 19.10 ‘Eoan Ermine’

    ubuntu 19.10 eoan ermine

    Canonical has reached one more step close to an LTS release by releasing Ubuntu 19.10 ‘Eoan Ermine’. Eoan Ermine has been released with some new features and overall system improvements. You can upgrade from short term release to test out the new distro. Though I don’t think it’s worth upgrading from a long term release […]