Awkward Dimensions Redux: An Awkward Steam Game To Try Out


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​Awkward Dimensions is a game about understanding someone’s life through dreams. It’s an indie game created and developed by Steven Harmon. He narrates his life + struggles, his happiness, and his determination not to give up his dream (a game developer) no matter what. Might get you inspired playing the game as it did to me.

Awkward Dimensions Redux Installation

Launch that steam beast and type in search box AWKWARD DIMENSIONS REDUX then hit enter. Download the game by clicking on PLAY GAME. It may take some time depending on your Internet connection speed downloading the game file which is roughly 700 MB.

System Requirements

For optimum performance, a 64-bit OS with Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent processor is recommended. Playing the game in high resolution would require dedicated graphics card like NVIDIA GeForce 330 or higher with 1GB Memory.

I’ve tried the game on my notebook (6th Generation Intel Core Processor) without dedicated GPU and it runs fine at Simple Graphics quality.

Game Walkthrough

Awkward Dimensions Redux is a first-person game where pressing W key advances forward, S backward, A and D moves left and right respectively. To walk faster press and hold SHIFT key along with W key. Use the spacebar to jump. Left-click to interact with the game objects and right-click to squint. The game starts with the author introducing the game as his dreams. You’ll be informed to wear audio headphones for the best gaming experience. The game features cool sound effects and quality soundtracks for each level. Read on below to get a brief overview of the gameplay.

The author prepares to sleep in a dark room, stares at his iPod before dozing off and below is his first dream he encounters; level named “Legible”


Each level has an escape route that is through doors. Find the door and you’ll advance to the next level, however, the issue is one cannot actually go through a door but only stare at the hazy illusion before successfully getting through the level.

There’ll be objects to interact with too and some of them include opening and closing the drawers, handling doors (which mostly is locked all the time), turning off the lamp and vice versa, etc.

Awkward Dimensions Redux gameplay

​And there’ll be levels that are hard to comprehend at all like the disembodied legs that follow you around the backstage and weird geometric paths that don’t make sense at all. Some will seem scary, try to notice the black figure behind you or brush the doors while walking in “Backstage at the Joe”.


Starting to get goosebumps? OooOoo whoosh!

Great news! This is not a horror game and also features the author’s sweet memories and his struggle too. Importantly the game tells one about perseverance, passion, dedication and not giving up on your dreams.

Awkward Dimensions Redux game screenshot sea

Ever watched, on TV, something horrifying at nighttime and then realizes you’re dreaming about it? “Nobody Wins” is an example of such dreams. Plus you also get to face the author’s frustration too and he just might get on your nerves. These are all the characteristics of a teen’s life; broken relationship, disagreeing social norms and getting along with life. The game progresses till the level “Find the way out” and once you successfully complete it, the author wakes up in his dim-lit room and looks around before the game ends with credits.

A Tip For Newbies

​The first play is hard for certain players like me who’s not familiar with the Western culture; the lifestyle, education system, etc. portrayed in the game. I’d recommend playing “Developer Commentary” first and read those notes as you play along. However, the author communicates to the player with technical jargons here and there but fret not it’s nothing serious or worth understanding for common ordinary users like me ????

dimension redux gameplay on linux


​In case you don’t have steam installed on your computer, you could still download the game from Loved the soundtracks? Go ahead and download the OST archive file too. Tried and loved the game? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.