Best Alternatives To Photoshop On Linux

​You need an image editing software and you do not yet feel ready to buy a Photoshop license. Besides the online retouching sites, there are also free alternatives adapted for each use of the famous Adobe software that will allow you to tinker with the pixel at a lower cost.  

Best Alternatives To Photoshop On Linux


Gimp is surely the best known free alternative. It is also the most complete because it contains the main features of Photoshop: layer system, color correction, filters, intelligent selection tools (magic wand), brushes, it goes, we are not Too lost. This app is for photo retouchers, comic book authors who want to color their boards and people in administrations who make posters in word-art and comic-sans and stretched photos (stop Word and go to Gimp, really). Visit Gimp official website


You are stuck in a cyber café in Mayenne and you have to do a dingo montage. Hell, you have a machine but can not download anything. Luckily Pixlr is an online program that allows you to retouch your images. There are many great principles of photoshop with a system of layers, the way to adjust its colors, apply filters. Even though the commands are pretty rudimentary going from the interface of photoshop to that of Pixlr is done instinctively, ouaip that is good. Pixlr is available online


This open-source app is for photographers who want to convert and retouch their RAW format. The advantage of RAW is that it allows you to take photos by decompressing at least the image, thus making it possible to touch up an image more precisely. With RawTherapee on hand you can now take beautiful photos in RAW, open them, retouch and convert them. Then grab your beautiful Canon 5D and make beautiful pictures of cats, chow, nettles, an even meme in nettles. Get Rawtherapee Now


You with a graphics tablet and for you, Photoshop is only a way to smear the web pixels with great digital painting shots? Krita is a good open-source alternative that has made this utility an added value compared to other retouching software. There is a system of layers and especially the way to download or tinker his own brushes, after all one is never better served than by oneself. Krita is available here


InkScape lets you create vector shapes, like the “Pen” tool on Photoshop. This app has more affinities with Illustrator than Photoshop, it can nevertheless prove useful because its principle of creation of vector forms is most accomplished open-source alternatives. Get started with Inkscape


There are plenty of other alternatives that will allow you to create images without slamming a round such as Photofiltre or Paint.NET , not to mention the somewhat experimental image creation software such as Sumopaint or Alchemy.