Best Email Clients For Linux


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Everyday checking our emails is an important job. We all receive many important emails from work, home, friends, from us and many more. Here comes the job of email clients which periodically check our emails, stores them for offline access, let us quickly reply, see our calendar, address book, and many more awesome features.

That’s why today I am going to list out some of the top or best email clients for Linux. Let us start the list, but remember the list is not in some kind of 1-10 sort. All email clients mentioned here are great and also have cons. The list is exclusive, not exhaustive.  


thunderbird linux email client

Who doesn’t know Thunderbird? Looking rich, lots of customizations, full-fledged privacy and security, smart folder management and a lot of more features that make it awesome.

It is mostly the default email client on Linux distros no matter what their origin is. There are reasons for it to be default email client like support for address book, large file handling, quick search option and the largest being open sourced and widely developed and maintained. The name of Mozilla integrated with it ensures perfect security and privacy.

This one should be already installed on your system if you are a Ubuntu or Mint. One of the perfect email clients.

Nylas Mail (Basic & Pro)

nylas linux email client

Nylas is one of the modern looking and powerful email clients. Just like Thunderbird, it is also full of features and falls no short in front of Thunderbird.

The working screen of Nylas is really attractive and modern looking while focusing on ease for users. You can manage almost all email service providers in Nylas. Enriched contact profiles, undo send, a unified inbox with support for unlimited email accounts, unlimited customizable signatures, quick reply templates, translation, Multi-language spell check, enhanced search capabilities are some of the awesome features of Nylas. Nylas, however, comes in two variants i.e. basic and pro. The team is maintaining basic well and if you don’t want to purchase stuff you can safely use basic. The best thing is that it is open source.

Download Nylas


mutt email client

We all use terminal on a daily basis. Based on the terminal the very famous Linux email client mutt is a great success and widely developed. Mutt is easily configurable and can be downloaded on almost every Linux distro due to its wide use.

Mutt operates fully from terminal and also support multiple accounts. Quick options, read, send, and many more features are inbuilt in mutt. It is very lightweight on the system and is safe to use as all emails are stored in the local machine. Mutt, however, lacks the functionality to display images in your email and that is normal due to terminal inability for it. It is super fast, stable, actively developed and open sourced. A try to use mutt every day is a must for every Linux lover.


hiri best email client for linux

Hiri is also a top-edged email client which works only with Microsoft or exchange emails. I would also like to state first that Hiri is not free. However, the team behind Hiri claims to be helpful towards students and NGOs and give them Hiri access for free.

Hiri has a dashboard, email rating, snooze, calendar integration, task manager and many other features that it makes it a worth deal. However, Thunderbird and Nylas give it a competition.


evolution best free linux email client

Evolution is also an open source email client that is more or less similar to Thunderbird. In many cases, it has preference over Thunderbird. Same as Thunderbird, evolution provides you contact management, calendar integration facility, privacy, security, unlimited customizations using plugins and many more awesome features.

Evolution is actively developed and maintained. It has a note-taking tool and a task manager feature which is worth mentioning. Evolution is a pretty alternative to Thunderbird and best for those users who wants simplicity, powerful and get the work done type of email clients on Linux.


geary best linux email client

Geary is again open source email client which is also popular among Linux enthusiasts. It describes its features as –

  • Quick email account setup
  • Shows related messages together in conversations
  • Fast, full text and keyword search
  • Full-featured HTML and plain text message composer
  • Desktop notification of new mail
  • Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, and other IMAP servers

Geary is open sourced and actively developed just like the email clients mentioned above is used very much by Linux lovers.


Here ends the list of the best email clients for Linux. All of the above-mentioned email clients are secure, actively maintained, stable for daily use and has various worth mentioning features. In separate of them Kontact, Claws mail, Sylpheed were also awesome and great but the above ones were most selected, used and loved among all the forums I researched for mail clients.

We all have our favorite email client, mine is Mutt. What is yours? Let me know by commenting below.