Best Games To Play In Linux Terminal

Linux lovers spend most of their time in the distro is with a terminal. The terminal is just like one of our friends which we know can almost do anything. Delete files, copy files, tell the weather, send emails, kill the system processes and much more. Then why not play some games in the terminal too? Today I am going to cover some of the best games I love to play in the Linux terminal which you will definitely enjoy.

​The list is not exhaustive, which means It may happen that some games may be missed, but I will try my best to cover top games for the terminal in Linux. The commands will be for Ubuntu-based distro using “sudo”. Replace “sudo apt-get” with your respective command like “yum” or “dnf” as per requirements.

Best Games To Play In Linux Terminal


​Remember the games that you play in your childhood disguised from several names in which you use a plane to kill aliens? Yeah! I always love such games in which I have to kill alien spaceship and protect the earth.

To install use this command – sudo apt-get install ninvaders ​To launch the game, just type in terminal – ninvaders  


​Yeah! Guessed absolutely right. This is that snake game that you will find in Old Nokia Phones or the one launched this year. Grow the snake while managing not to bite yourself or the wall. Several options are available too to configure it.

​To install enter the command below in terminal – sudo apt-get install nsnake ​To launch it, enter the command – nsnake

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​Remember playing Tetris? I loved it. It was loaded in my T.V. too and I still remember playing it for hours. It was kind of fun to play bastet on Linux today. You will love it guys.

​To install, use the following command – sudo apt install bastet ​To launch, type this – bastet  


​Ah! Playing pacman were the real days. What I liked most was eating cherry and then chasing the villains. That was so much fun. Have the same fun today on Linux by installing Pacman4Console.

​To install enter this command – sudo apt-get install pacman4console ​To launch, enter its name. Remember to maximize the window as it is pretty cautious about resolutions. pacman4console  


​Remember the awesome movie TRON Legacy? Nope? No matter. Greed is an awesome game based on some simple facts that you have to eat alphabets and numbers but cannot visit the same spot again. Sounds good? Install it.

To install, use the command below – sudo apt-get install greed ​To launch, enter its name – greed  

Moon Buggy

​It’s not actually the moon. I didn’t see the moon anywhere but I loved jumping and firing. Jumping and firing are the only two things here. Yeah, just both 2 things made me play it a long time (and I forgot to put my Laptop on charge). Too much addictive.

To install, enter this command – sudo apt-get install moon-buggy ​To launch, enter its name – moon-buggy  

Bonus games

There are still a lot of games available to play in the terminal that you would certainly enjoy. But I cannot cover everyone, forced to select the best. Here are some more awesome games worth to try.  

Terminal Apps

​It is not a game, rather a collection of a vast variety of games, including some of the mentioned above. To download click the link below.

​Linux Lunar Lander

This is a fun game. Land on the moon as a penguin and create history. Sounds fun, right?

Robot Finds Kitten

You are a robot and you have to check through a wide variety of items to find the kitten. You can have fun on it for hours, really.


Yeah! This one is sudoku with an alternate name. The name never mattered when it comes to sudoku. We all are champions of it now. So let’s prove it. sudo apt-get install nudoku  


​So here the list comes to an end. I tried to cover all famous games for Linux terminal and if I missed some, please remind me by commenting below. Ok, can’t talk much I have much work to do. 🙂 ( *Close Firefox, opens a terminal, type “greed” ).