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Hey new Linux users, you may be wondering that which Linux distro to choose after seeing so many distros based on Linux. Most of you might be switching from Windows to Linux and want those distros which are easy and simple, resemble like windows. So today I will cover those Linux distros whose Desktop Environment is much similar to windows, so let’s start.    

Linux Mint

linux mint for new linux users

The first distro on my list is the famous Linux distro i.e. “Linux Mint”. You might have heard about Linux mint somewhere when you decided to move from Windows to Linux. It is considered one of the best Linux distros alongside Ubuntu as it is very simple, powerful and easier to operate due to its famous Desktop environment cinnamon. Cinnamon is very easy to use and there are even themes, icon packs, desklets, applets are available that you can use to make it fully look like any windows rather XP, 7, 8, or 10. Cinnamon is one of the famous DE in Linux world. You will surely find it easy, powerful and lovable.    

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Zorin OS

zorin os for windows users

Zorin OS is also the famous Linux distro replacement for windows 7. Beautiful start menu, taskbar, animation while no compromise on speed and stability. Zorin OS will be the best choice for you if you love Windows 7 and not Windows 10. It also comes with preloaded software, so you won’t be troubled while looking for software. I was really falling in love with the animations and look. Go grab it.    

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robolinux for new users

Robolinux is the Linux distribution that comes with built-in wine. Yeah! It has built-in support for windows applications so you won’t miss your favorite applications from Windows. They call it “Stealth VM”. I was really impressed by this feature as it is unique. Also, there are a lot of DE, so can choose any DE that will suit your needs and love. They also have a tool to copy your whole C drive, so no file misses out. Unique. Isn’t it?  


chalet os for new users

Did someone say ChaletOS? It is one of those Linux distros that feature the closest look and feel to windows. The above pic is after I used windows 10 icons and theme, so you get the idea that it can be easily themed. Pre Handy apps also help to make distro better. You will really feel at home while using it. It’s screenshot even fooled my friends. Go ahead and try it, you will love it.    

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I wanted to keep this list as short as possible as I didn’t want to confuse a new user to find it difficult to choose among so many options. Still many users have got a distro that isn’t mentioned here. I would invite you to comment below your distro and help new Linux user to choose his best distro for the first time.

Well, these four were the most used Linux distros to switch from Windows to Linux, however Kubuntu, Elementary OS also put a competition. It overall depends upon users. Most of the time Linux Mint always comes as a winner. I will really recommend it to you if this is your first time to Linux. Go ahead and grab your Linux today and be the part of the change.

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