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If you’ve ever used Windows, you’ve probably used CCleaner to analyse and delete junk files, temporary files, and free up space by deleting recycled files. BleachBit is a good alternative to CCleaner on Linux. It analyses and deletes junk files, temporary files, browser history, cache, and emptying the recycle bin to free up disc space. Let’s look at some of its features and learn how to install the most recent BleachBit on Linux.

BleachBit – Best CCleaner alternative on Linux

BleachBit is a free, open source, and lightweight tool that helps to maintain privacy by deleting sensitive data and cleaning up system space. BleachBit is simple to use because it only requires one click to analyse and delete trash from your system. Although, in comparison to Windows, Linux has less trash to clean up, BleachBit deletes not only system data but also data from other applications such as Web browsers and so on. Because Windows generates more garbage than Linux, deleting with BleachBit on Linux is quick.

BleachBit does not select the type of files to be deleted automatically; instead, you must manually select the files to be deleted from the left sidebar. BleachBit notifies you when you make a time-consuming choice, such as deep scanning the system for unimportant files.

BleachBit alternative to ccleaner for Linux system

You can examine the size of unimportant files on the system with a single click. When you click preview, the scan will begin. After the scan is completed, there will be data to be recovered on the right side, as highlighted below. The BleachBit analysis includes all data that should be deleted (according to BleachBit), but the Linux system does not allow for the deletion of all data. As a result, when you click Clean BleachBit, it can only delete data that the system allows it to delete. For example, in the left image, the data analysed to be deleted is 1.05GB, but the system only allowed 318.5MB to be deleted.

analyze junk temporary files in linux with bleachbit  delete or clean junk files to free space in linux with bleachbit  

How To Install BleachBit On Linux

BleachBit is simple to set up. It is available in the repositories of most Linux distributions, so you can simply install it from the Software manager. Before installing, make sure to check the BleachBit version. The most recent version is 1.6; if you find it in the system repository, install it. Otherwise, scroll down this page to install the most recent version.

  • Start Software Center from Dash or Start menu (if other Linux distros)
start software center to install bleachbit in linux
  • Search for BleachBit in search tool right in the above corner and install BleachBit.
install bleachbit in linux from software center manager

If you don’t have the latest version in system repository then you can download the .deb file from official website for latest version for any Linux distribution.

Open .deb file with the software manager and install it. Now enjoy using BleachBit and clean up system space. You can also tell how you clean Linux system to free up memory.

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