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Obarun – An Arch Based Linux Distro Without Systemd

Obarun Arch without systemd
Obarun is packed with enough utilities to install & start a vanilla Arch Linux without any trouble. I have written an article on how to install Arch step by step and it is a long article. But Obarun does the Arch installation in a very simple way. It comes with obarun-installer, a script that helps install Arch as easily as possible.

Fedora 31 Released

fedora desktop

Fedora 31 is officially here. Fedora is known to provide the cutting-edge open-source software in its every release. The foundation continues to follow the same. Let’s see what’s new and improved in this new release since its last predecessor. What’s…

Tails 4.0 Released

Tails 4.0 released

Tails is one of the best security-centric Linux distributions. Tails team has released its first version based on Debian 10 “buster”. This released has been packed with a bunch of security fixes, new features, performance improvements, and the latest applications.…