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  • 10 Best Games For Linux

    Best Games For Linux

    I wrote a list of the best FPS games for Linux a few years ago. At the time, there were only a few games available that could compete with Windows games. But Linux gaming has come a long way since then. Valve released Steam Play in 2018. Steam is the most popular gaming platform for […]

  • Epic Games To Release AntiCheat For Linux

    Epic Games Anticheat for Linux

    The day I’ve been looking forward to for years. When I first started blogging in 2014, I published a number of pieces about Linux gaming. Readers were not interested in Linux gaming at the time since it required too much portability of tools, especially anti-cheat software. In some ways, porting games to Linux seems tough […]

  • How To Host Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server on Ubuntu

    Host Counter Strike Global Offensive Server

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly known as CS: GO, is one of the most popular games. Released in 1999, the game involves two teams where the Terrorist team tries to plant explosives whereas the Counter-Terrorists team tries to prevent it. After nearly 21 years of its launch, the game still has millions of active players worldwide. […]

  • Aether Skies: A visual novel game

    cropped aether skies linux game 1

    Aether skies is a visual novel game available for all major desktop platforms on itch. The story revolves around a prince and princess journey.

  • Race Stupid With AI In MayHemCars

    mayhemcars linux car game itch

    Hello, Linux gamers! Today, I’ll be covering a car racing game called MayHemCars. The game is unique and hilarious too. Instead of trying to win, the other racers bump and crash on each other. You better watch out, or they’ll try to ram you off the tracks too. If you are looking for a hilarious […]

  • Shoot Spaceships In Another Classic Arcade Hyperspace Drifter

    game 1

    Hyperspace Drifter is a classic arcade space shooter game. The game features beautiful 3D-like environment settings and cool flat-like spaceship art. It is lightweight too so the game does not require much computing resources unless you are playing it in maximized window mode. Installation Hyperspace Drifter is available on full review is here. Click the Download […]

  • Midnightmare Teddy – A Shooter Game For Linux

    game 1

    Another game review today. It’s Midnightmare Teddy! Available on flathub for all versions of Linux is a casual lightweight shooter game for kids and families. The game is cute and centers around a teddy who might be having a nightmare dreaming. You must help teddy get rid of all those evil toys or they kill […]

  • Basingstoke: An Apocalyptic Survival Alien Invasion Game

    game 1

    Basingstoke is an apocalyptic alien invasion survival game available on itch. The game is free for Linux users. I’ve played the game for a week or two and found it to too addictive, however, your opinion may vary.

  • Create Games With Godot Game Engine

    game 1

    Are you considering creating a game in your free spare time or as a full-time game developer? You should check out Godot if you want a FOSS game engine on your Linux machine. There are tons of open source game engines and of course including those proprietary ones that most people use and talk about […]

  • Gamehub – Shows Games From Different Sources

    game 1

    We’ve recently seen the spike in Linux games, many popular gaming platforms have focused on Linux gaming. Last year Steam released Steam Play to play Windows games on Linux. Awesome! The list is growing fast so Linux gamers need Gamehub, an app allows to install, run, uninstall games from different sources from one place.