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Operators In BASH – Learn BASH | Part 5

Operators In BASH

In the previous decisions chapter, we came across many new operators while learning the if, if-else, and elif statements. Today this chapter will provide deep insight to operators and their various types in computer programming. Read on below to learn more about them.…

Comments In BASH – Learn BASH | Part 3

Comments In BASH

Welcome to chapter three of BASH scripting series. Today we’ll dive into a very important topic in programming called comment. Comment, in programming, is somewhat different from the online world of the Internet where you read an article or a blog…

Variables in BASH – Learn BASH | Part 2

Variables in BASH

Welcome to the second chapter of BASH scripting series in which we will discuss the topic variables. Did you know that every programming language has a way to let programmers declare variables in their programs? But what exactly are they and…