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5 Ways to Free Up Disk Space on Linux

Free up disk space on Linux
In this article, we will learn various methods and commands to reclaim valuable disk space on Linux system. You will learn how to check disk usage, remove unnecessary packages, clear caches, delete old backups and log files, compress large files, and save considerable disk space on Linux.

How to Boost VPN Speed on Linux

How to Boost VPN Speed on Linux

There is widespread agreement that VPNs are now indispensable. For many, they are a must since certain nations have banned access to certain websites and mobile applications. With a virtual private network, though, you may avoid this issue.  Regular users…

Discord Pings: How to Ping on Discord

How to ping on discord

Discord pings are an important aspect of communication in the popular chat platform. Pinging is a simple way to notify someone that you are trying to grab their attention or want a response. In this article, we will explore everything…

How to Install SSH on Ubuntu

How to install SSH on Ubuntu

Secure Shell (SSH) is a secure remote server or computer access protocol. It encrypts all client and server communication, providing high-security levels. This article will explain how to enable SSH on Ubuntu and provide step-by-step instructions on how to install…