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3 Ways To Install Arch Linux

3 ways to install arch linux

Maybe today is the day you’ve decided to take the step. You have enough time in GNU/Linux, enjoying the usability provided by some of the most famous, user-friendly distributions. And you think you do not have enough, that you want more. Greater control over what…

Connecting To A Proxy Server – Part 2

Connecting To A Proxy Server Part 2

Previously, We have seen what a proxy server is, it’s advantages and some web that tells you about your connection. However, you must be clear that proxy and VPN are not the same and that a proxy server does hide your IP but does…

Snap Application Permissions

Snap Application Permissions

We have already written about snaps and its advantages against other packaging application system. If we compare RPM and DEB packages to snaps we can see on snaps automatic background updates allowing up-to-date applications, with bugs fixes more frequently. A snap app is packaged with all dependencies making the application very…