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How to Switch PHP Version

Switch PHP version

I recently discussed a variety of subjects relating the configuration of various web servers and the operation of PHP applications such as WordPress. Web servers, such as OpenLiteSpeed, allow you to change the version using the WebAdmin Console, but if…

Install Laravel On Manjaro/Arch Linux

Install Laravel On Manjaro Arch Linux

Laravel, written in PHP, is a popular MVC framework for developing web applications. The PHP framework makes it easy to develop dynamic web apps with powerful built-in tools such as database systems, routes, controllers, authentication systems, and a lot more.…

Set Up Passwordless Login in Laravel

Passwordless login in laravel

In the last article, we discussed the difference between a passwordless login system and a password login system. In this article, you will learn to develop a passwordless login system in Laravel. What is Passwordless login? We discussed in detail…