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  • new, switch and assert keywords in Java

    new switch assert keywords in java

    As we talked about abstract, for and continue keywords in our last article. We will be talking about the new, switch, and assert keyword in Java. new When we create a class in Java and decide to use this class, we need to make an object of this class and using the object of the […]

  • Java Is A Language of 50 Keywords ‘for’

    java keyword for

    As discussed in the previous article, we will be talking about 50 important keywords of Java. We have about the abstract keyword last time. This time we will discuss ‘for’ keyword. For The ‘for‘ a keyword is a loop keyword among several other loopings keywords. The other looping keywords are while loop, do-while loop. In […]

  • Java Keywords – Java Is A Language of 50 Keywords

    java is a language of keywords

    Freshly we have studied Object Oriented Programming Concept, and this time we will be discussing the necessary keywords in Java programming. In any programming language, the number of keywords is huge, but some keywords come into use very frequently. Today, we will be talking about those keywords. Please have patience and wait for all the […]

  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

    Object Oriented Programming Concepts

    Object-Oriented Programming Concepts, as you know, we are going to learn Java programming language. Java is an object-oriented programing language. Don’t worry about it if you do not understand what it is because I will explain it to you. Object-Oriented programming has two main things Object Class Note – An object is anything that you […]

  • Types of Code Translator

    types of code translators

    Before we start learning about the Java programming language and start talking about Class, Object, variables, etcetera, we need to talk about code translator. A code translator is a piece of code that the developer of the programming language creates. We know that we will be writing code in some programming language, and that code […]

  • History of Java

    History of Java

    Sun Microsystems first introduced Java in 1995. The project was started in the lab of Sun Microsystems by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, Patrick Naughton. There were more people in the team, but these three were main. The name of this team was the Green Team. The first version’s name was the Java Alpha Beta version […]

  • Ways To Get More Productive On Netbeans Development Platform

    netbeans java ide

    Netbeans is a cool Java integrated development environment packed with lots of features along with the capability of extending its functions by adding more plugins. However, there are some of the tools or features in the IDE we rarely use while coding our Java program. This article will provide some tips and tricks for getting […]

  • Notepadqq An Alternative To Notepad++ For Linux

    notepadqq an alternative to notepad

    Notepadqq is a programmer’s text editor program for Linux. It is an alternative to Notepad++, a very popular Windows text editor among the programmer’s community. Notepadqq is available as a snap app on Ubuntu platform currently, and so is Notepad++. So what makes them different? The answer is one of them is actually a Windows […]

  • Code::Blocks IDE Review

    ​Codeblocks is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programmers and developers. It comes with predefined tools to develop Qt applications, plugins, console applications, etc. considering one has installed the required tools independently (eg- Qt development tools). Most IDEs come with “project” feature and that’s the turning point because some of them requires user to create […]

  • How To Compile C, C++, And Java Using Terminal On Linux

    Compile C C And Java Using Terminal On Linux

    €‹This topic might surprise you because occasionally programmers are occupied primarily on one language and then they move on to another programming language with changing times. But that doesn’t mean languages like C, C++, and Java differ from another when it comes to compiling the program and running it on the terminal, except only the […]