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Top Private & Secure Email Providers [2021]

Some popular companies that come to our mind when it comes to email providers are Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail,…

3 months ago

Best Password Managers For Linux [2021]

Internet is the need of the hour. Everyone is trying to get on the Internet to make life easier for…

5 months ago

10 Steps To Secure Linux Server + {Bonus Tips}

Linux servers are already extremely secure by default; that's why 100% of supercomputers, most of the top 1 million servers,…

6 months ago

700,000 WordPress Sites Affected By Zero-day Vulnerability in File Manager Plugin

Yesterday a zero-day vulnerability was discovered in a popular WordPress plugin, File Manager. The vulnerability allows arbitrary file upload and…

1 year ago

Passwordless Login Vs. Password Login – Good & Bad

We use passwords every day for logging into our favorite sites. We also hate to use it because most websites…

1 year ago

ORC – Anonymous Cloud Storage Helps Protect Investigative Journalism

ORC stands for Onion Routed Cloud is an anonymous cloud storage network. It is a free and open-source project. ORC…

1 year ago

Cloud firewalls for WordPress

If you use WordPress, WordPress itself takes care of many security issues and keeps resolving new ones in every update.…

1 year ago

Critical vulnerabilities in Quiz And Survey Master WordPress Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress plugin for creating quizzes and surveys easily on WordPress sites. It is installed…

1 year ago

Joomla Team Disclosed Data Breach Occurred Last Week

Joomla's team member accidently exposed a full unencrypted backup of JRD platform.

1 year ago

How To Install Firejail In Linux

firejail is a SUID security sandbox based on Linux Namespace and seccomp-bpf.

2 years ago