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  • Best Linux Backup Software For Desktops And Servers [2022]

    Best Linux Backup Software

    Without a doubt, cloud services have saved us a lot of time and effort. We can back up essential files on the cloud and access them whenever we want. However, backing up the full operating system is typically not possible with cloud services such as Gdrive, OneDrive, etc. Furthermore, an operating system with a large […]

  • 10 Steps To Secure Linux Server + {Bonus Tips}

    steps to secure linux server

    Linux servers are already extremely secure by default; that’s why 100% of supercomputers, most of the top 1 million servers, and top 25% of websites on the internet run on Linux. Besides having security tools in place, users should follow a few steps to further secure Linux servers. As we all know, nothing is perfect. […]

  • What Is Headless Server

    what is headless server

    You may have heard of the headless server. A headless server is simply an operating system installed on a computer without a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals. One can make a server a headless server by connecting it to a network and removing the monitor, mouse, keyboard, and peripherals. The only way to access […]

  • What Is Bulletproof Hosting

    Bulletproof hosting

    The Internet is one of the most wonderful things that ever happened. Today around 53% of the World’s population consumes content from the Internet, whether it be sharing information on social media or chatting with friends on their favorite IM app. Every second, a huge amount of data is uploaded on the internet. With this […]

  • Debian Vs. Ubuntu

    Debian Vs. Ubuntu

    Debian vs. Ubuntu — Debian and Ubuntu are the two names that Linux users hear from day one. Both of these are popular Linux distributions with a huge user base. One should know the differences and similarities before choosing these operating systems for personal or commercial purposes. If you have just arrived in the Linux […]

  • Set up Email Server With Virtualmin For Unlimited Emails & Storage

    Set up Email Server With Virtualmin For Unlimited Emails Storage

    In the Linux cPanel series, I reviewed Virtualmin, one of the best open-source cPanels for websites and email servers. Virtualmin is built on top of Webmin, another great, free & open source website control panel. What’s great about Virtualmin is that it lets users straightforwardly create virtual servers. It lets managing multiple websites on one […]

  • ORC – Anonymous Cloud Storage Helps Protect Investigative Journalism

    Onion Routed Cloud

    ORC stands for Onion Routed Cloud is an anonymous cloud storage network. It is a free and open-source project. ORC allows anonymous file sharing online without the risk of leaking them to the Internet.

  • Cloud firewalls for WordPress

    Cloud firewalls for WordPress

    If you use WordPress, WordPress itself takes care of many security issues and keeps resolving new ones in every update. Recent update WordPress 5.5 provides features to auto-update themes and plugins to improve site security. This article will talk about some of the widespread security threats for websites and how to secure our websites using […]

  • Vesta Control Panel – Simple Yet Powerful Control Panel For Linux

    Vesta control panel

    cPanel web hosting is easier to set up and manage. Users unfamiliar with Linux servers can easily maintain servers using cPanel, a GUI control panel for web servers. Buying shared hosting or managed web hosting can provide users a control panel. But both types of hostings have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read this article […]

  • aaPanel – An Open Source Alternative For cPanel

    aaPanel free open source control panel

    cPanel is the control panel for web hosting built by cPanel LTD. In the last article of the Linux cPanel series, I reviewed Virtualmin, a popular, free, and open-source control panel. aaPanel is also a free and open-source control panel for Linux. It’s easy to install & all the web hosting options are well-categorized for […]