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  • WordPress Post Vs. Page | WordPress 101

    WordPress posts vs pages

    Welcome back to the WordPress 101 series. In this series, we are discussing the basics of WordPress for new WordPress users. In this article, you’ll learn the differences between WordPress post vs. page. Often new users get confused between WordPress posts and pages. I remember my cousin created more than 10 pages before he realized […]

  • WordPress Dashboard & Settings Page | WordPress 101

    WordPress Dashboard settings

    WordPress dashboard is an important page for website administrators. In this article of the WordPress 101 series, we will learn to read and customize the WordPress dashboard. If you do not know to set up WordPress, we have written a detailed guide on how to install WordPress – Step By Step. Do check it out. […]

  • Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2022

    Best WordPress backup plugins

    It is most important to keep multiple backups of your WordPress site. If the website is compromised or any plugin update breaks your site, WordPress backups can help you restore it quickly. A WordPress site mainly consists of three important parts: the database, user-created files such as plugins, themes, uploaded files, and finally, the WordPress […]

  • Fix WordPress No input file specified Error

    no file input specified wordpress

    WordPress frequently receives bug fixes and security updates that make it a pretty stable website management system. Even after that, in many cases, users may encounter some issues with WordPress that immediately pulls down website content from the internet and show a frustrating error. One of the biggest challenges in fixing such errors is finding […]

  • Cloud firewalls for WordPress

    Cloud firewalls for WordPress

    If you use WordPress, WordPress itself takes care of many security issues and keeps resolving new ones in every update. Recent update WordPress 5.5 provides features to auto-update themes and plugins to improve site security. This article will talk about some of the widespread security threats for websites and how to secure our websites using […]

  • WordPress 5.5 Arrived With These Awesome Features

    WordPress 5.5 released

    WordPress 5.5 is finally out. The content management system that powers most of the web has received a major update. If you are using WordPress or plan to host a website, you should check this out. As I said WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. With great power comes great responsibility. WordPress […]

  • Add Two-Factor Authentication In WordPress

    Activate Wordpress factor authentication

    Setting up Two-factor authentication is very important for any online service we use today. It secures an account from having any unauthenticated person access your account, even with the login credentials. The WordPress login page is always brute-forced by malicious bots. These bots try to guess the username and password of your WordPress website. First […]

  • Fixed “Error establishing a database connection” WordPress error

    Error establishing a database connection

    WordPress 5.2 has just come out with several improvements and new features. One of the features is detecting website errors and notifying the admin by sending an automated email. This feature is handy and solves issues that otherwise were very difficult to notice for admins. But there are a few errors not detected by WordPress’s […]

  • WP Maintenance Plugin Vulnerable To CSRF & XSS

    wp maintenance csrf vulnerability

    If you have installed the WP Maintenance plugin on your WordPress site or blog, this article is for you. Recently, the Wordfence team discovered a CSRF vulnerability in the WP Maintenance plugin used to put the website on maintenance mode during maintenance. The plugin allows webmasters to customize the maintenance page and show it to […]

  • Migrate WordPress Blog To New Hosting – Easy Ways

    Migrate WordPress Blog to new server

    WordPress is the easiest to use & most feature-rich CMS for building an awesome website. WordPress uses a bit higher system resources than other CMS available in the market for doing such complex tasks easily. Sometimes users deploy their WordPress blog on a budgeted host. Initially, everything works well, but sooner or later, WordPress starts […]