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  • Add Google Analytics On WordPress | WordPress 101

    Google Analytics Statcounter

    Welcome to the WordPress 101 series. We’ve already learnt how to install a new WordPress theme, plugins, configure the homepage, create navigation menus, and so on. We should be able to start our website using this information. It is now time to prepare our website for traffic analysis so that we can make better judgments […]

  • Blogging with WordPress | WordPress 101

    Blogging with WordPress

    Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. In this series, we’re learning the basics of WordPress. WordPress is used to create all types of websites such as eCommerce, Forums, Social networking sites, etc. But majorly, WordPress is known for blogging. It hosts the majority of blogs on the Internet. Blogging with WordPress In this article, we […]

  • Structure & Design WordPress Homepage | WordPress 101

    wordpress homepage setting

    Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. WordPress 101 series aims to teach WordPress CMS to beginners. In this article, we will learn to better structure and design the website homepage with WordPress. Homepage is the main page on your WordPress site. If better designed and structured, your website’s homepage can represent the entire website content […]

  • WordPress Menu

    WordPress Menus

    Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. The series is dedicated to teaching WordPress CMS to WordPress beginners. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below. In this article, we will learn to structure menu(s) in a WordPress site. Menu(s) is an important part of any website. It is where website […]

  • WordPress Plugins

    WordPress Plugins

    Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. In this 4th part of the series, we’ll learn about WordPress plugins, the biggest reason behind WordPress’s massive usage on the Internet. From creating a simple blog to launching an e-commerce store, WordPress does it all very well. It solves some of the most frustrating problems when starting a […]

  • WordPress Themes | WordPress 101

    WordPress themes

    Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. If you are new to WordPress, follow our series WordPress 101 from the beginning to learn WordPress basics in detail. This article will discuss how to find, install, and set up perfect WordPress themes for your site. WordPress themes Several WordPress features make it the most popular CMS, and […]

  • WordPress Post Vs. Page | WordPress 101

    WordPress posts vs pages

    Welcome back to the WordPress 101 series. In this series, we are discussing the basics of WordPress for new WordPress users. In this article, you’ll learn the differences between WordPress post vs. page. Often new users get confused between WordPress posts and pages. I remember my cousin created more than 10 pages before he realized […]

  • WordPress Dashboard & Settings Page | WordPress 101

    WordPress Dashboard settings

    WordPress dashboard is an important page for website administrators. In this article of the WordPress 101 series, we will learn to read and customize the WordPress dashboard. If you do not know to set up WordPress, we have written a detailed guide on how to install WordPress – Step By Step. Do check it out. […]