ChaletOS, New & Beautiful Linux Distribution Based On Xubuntu And A Clone Of Windows

Now when Linux is becoming more & more popular among non-Linux users, there is a Linux distribution dedicated for such users who are blank about Linux. ChaletOS is a new, sleek & beautiful operating system that is very much Like modern Windows. ChaletOS aims for making ease in learning Linux, taking away from complexities for new users. Personally, I think about their aim, “Great!”. Let’s take a look at this new & sleek Linux distro.

The days have gone so far when most of us Linux was introduced as a “Command Prompt”. Linux has adopted GUI (Graphical User Interface) back in last century :). But still, people are afraid of switching to Linux because they think it’s too complex. The think, “It’s full of commands that I can not operate it”. If you are one of those or you know somebody who thinks so, then share this article with them. I’m sure they will be amazed watching this Linux “Is it Linux? It’s Windows!”  

What Is ChaletOS?

ChaletOS is a free and open-source Linux distribution that is based on very popular Linux distro, “Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS”. We all know the simplicity of Xubuntu but ChaletOS is a step further. It takes that simplicity to another level. ChaletOS makes Linux look like Windows so that when new users once decide to give Linux a try then they don’t go back to any other non-Linux distros.

ChaletOS: Sleek Interface

When you use ChaletOS, you almost forget that you’re using Linux OS. Its interface is more likely to give you the essence of Windows sleekness. ChaletOS uses Xfce desktop environment with high customizations. There is still room to tweak and customize the desktop look. Also, Read –  5 Best Linux Desktop Environments With Pros & Cons

ChaletOS Desktop

When you first-time boot the OS the default screen is something like this thumbnail. A beautiful and sleek taskbar and a start menu where you can access your favorite apps. The default look and icon theme are very attractive but you can also select numerous other styles and icons from System Settings >> Appearance. 

Styles & Icons

Accept the default styles of whole desktop (taskbar, titlebar start menu etc.), there are many predefined styles  in the appearance. You also have numerous fresh icons packs that you can access from the same appearance settings. Check out below the slideshow for different styles and icons.

Tools & Applications

Accept the sleek and beginner friendly OS, ChaletOS also aims to provide light desktop with so many useful applications. List of included software:

  • Accessories: Arhive Manager, Calculator, Catfish File Search, File Manager (Thunar), Mousepad Text Editor, Notes, Screenshot, Terminal Emulator.   
  • Games: 2048, AisleRiot Solitaire, PlayOnLinux.
  • Graphic: GIMP Image Editor, Ristretto Image Viewer, Simple Scan.
  • Internet: Firefox Web Browser, Great Little Radio Player, Pidgin Internet Messenger, Thunderbird Mail, QBitTorrent.
  • Office: Dictionary, Document Viewer (Evince), Great Little Book Shelf.
  • Settings: ChaletOS Style Changer, Default Style Restore,  AutoMount.
  • Multimedia: Audacious, Audio Recorder, Brasero, Cheese, VLC Media Player, PulseAudio Control.
  • System: BleachBit, Disks, Disk Analizer, GDebi Package Installer, Synaptic Package Manager, Task Manager, GParted, Ubuntu Software Center, Wine, Windows Wireless Drivers, USB Formatter, USB Image Writer, Startup Disk Creator.

All these applications should be enough for a newbie to take hands-on Linux. Otherwise, if user needs any application then there are bundles of applications available in default repositories.

Download ChaletOS Linux



Finally, I think that the distro is the good choice for Linux noobs especially users coming from Windows.  I do agree that the huge amount of people return to Windows because they find Linux distributions hard to use. So starting from a distro that users are most likely to get familiar with is an important step toward learning Linux.