'Chrome Remote Desktop' A Linux Remote Desktop App


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Chrome Remote Desktop is a Linux remote desktop app that allows users to access any Linux computer remotely. It is developed by Google and is available for Linux systems also. It is very easy to use and let one handle computer remotely using the Chromoting protocol developed by Google.

There are so many applications for Linux remote access. I’ll perhaps compile a list of other Linux remote access apps soon in future. To download & install Chrome Remote Desktop, one will require to install Chrome web browser.

Open Chrome Apps store and search for Chrome Remote Desktop or click here for the direct link. After installation is done, open the extension and it’ll automatically start downloading Chrome Remote Desktop .deb app.

​How To Use Chrome Remote Desktop In Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Open the app and it’ll ask you to sign up using your Gmail account. Sign up and allow it to use your Gmail account.

control remote desktop

​Now select what you want to do. If you want to share your Linux system with other then click ‘Share’ else click ‘Access’ to control any other system. Remember to access somebody’s system, they’ll also have to install the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

linux remote desktop

The app provides Access code and in order to access other computers, their administrator must provide you that access code. The same code will be provided to you if you click ‘Share’.

ubuntu remote desktop