Copy And CudaDrive Storage Services To Discontinue, Backup Your Data ASAP

Recently I wrote about 5 free alternatives to Google drive on Linux and I mentioned 5 interesting cloud storage services. When I was searching the web for some more interesting services, I got to know that Copy, one of the popular cloud services, has been planned to be discontinued in May this year. Because Copy has a great number of Linux users so it’s a big point to notify all you Linux users who use Copy to backup your data as soon as possible.

Copy And CudaDrive To Discontinue Storage Services

Copy provides an easy way to access and sync files from Linux desktop using Linux client app. But recently Baracuda, the team behind Copy and CudaDrive has decided to discontinue both the services by May this year. The team will be shutting down all the services on 1, May 2016.

As mentioned by Rod Mathews, GM of storage, the business has shifted focus due to which the team had to make this tough decision.

 as the CudaDrive engineering team will be joining forces with the Barracuda Backup team to accelerate the key initiatives for that product line.

The CudaDrive team will join Baracuda Backup team, mentioned by Rod Mathews. According to the GM of storage, there is a huge opportunity in the Backup, Data protection and Business Continuity features in the cloud, so adding people from CudeDrive to Baracuda Backup team will help achieve such goals more quickly and efficiently.

Backup Your Data Before 1st, May 2016

The team has decided to discontinue both the services on 1st, May 2016 and that means users won’t have any access to their data after the set date. You can quickly save all of your data before data is removed.

Copy has provided all the details to transfer data to anther cloud storage or download data locally. Copy allows transferring data through a web-based app called mover.io. Using mover, migrating data between cloud storage services is easy. Simply log in or sign up if you don’t have any account, select the service from which you want to migrate data and authenticate your account, then select services to which you want to migrate data and authenticate that account as well. Then you can migrate data from Copy to another cloud storage.

If you have any trouble then you can visit a detailed guide to transfer data from Copy to another drive on the copy Baracuda website.

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