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There are a lot of Linux tutorials for beginners. They all start with “ Linux is a kernel and any operating system based on a Linux kernel is called a Linux Operating System”. We usually go through a series of lectures explaining the concepts of permissions, commands, text editors, etc. But what after that? Do we have much to learn? Yes, But from where? We will eventually learn some things from experience and some from accidentally bumping into shortcuts or programs on the internet.

All that obviously takes time. But, they are going to be the reason you will be operating the Linux system fluently. Then again, What if you can actually discover all those shortcuts and programs at one shot that a power user learns by experience for years. Today, we will check out one such course that helps you improve your Linux skills and effectively use them.    

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Why take this course?

First, we will answer this question briefly. Like we discussed above, the tuning of your Linux skills takes time. But, most of us don’t have time like teenagers to just play around with Linux and discover all the tips and tricks that help you do tasks like a master. This course also tries to address the problems of the developers who are new to Linux. They know most of the fundamental concepts and they don’t need to go through the first year of college of Linux as it will be just a waste of time and resources. So, this course will directly equip them with the absolute essentials to work in Linux. This course will definitely help you sharpen already existing knowledge of Linux. ​  

Who need it?

This course is primarily intended for the Linux system administrators who want to hone their administration practices. The developers who have a basic knowledge about Linux can also use this to start programming in Linux write away. Anyone who is interested in getting the techniques of power users of Linux. ​  



Petru isfan : He is an engineer working all of his life in Linux. He has knowledge in the whole software engineering stack, focusing on tools and workflows that enhance developer productivity and enjoyment. ​ Bogdan Vaida: His style is experiential training and learning by doing. He is known for his no-nonsense approach. His online courses have over 9302 students. ​


About the course

The course assumes that already know a bit about Linux. The course is kind of like an intro to a set of apps that are more or less an intro to a set of apps that are filled with advanced features and make the life of a power user easy. The course introduces you to the best from terminal to text editors and beyond. The most attractive feature of this course would be it’s to the point approach. It just doesn’t bother about the things like how Linux was created, how many distributions came into being, etc. This is the reason why the course is just 2 hrs.

The pace of this course is a bit fast. But it depends on the previous knowledge of the user. The more you know about Linux, the more easy it is. Here are a few lessons you will learn from the course.

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Any power user in Linux has to know the concept of the regular expression. Regular expressions are one of the main reasons that make Linux command line so powerful.


The course has two special focus areas. First is the Vi editor. It is like the sacred text editor of Linux heritage from ancient times. There is a very strong reason for it to still remain of all the tests of time. It is aimed at professionals or those who give more importance to work than other things. This editor can even encrypt our information, which makes it kind of a suitable password manager too.

linux course for programmers course review

The other special focus is scripted. This is where Linux masters excel. They write scripts that automate most of the tasks. This course will try to help you write good scripts by the end of course.

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There is a bunch of other good stuff in this course. But I think it will be better if you go and watch the tutorials yourself. There are a few free previews, so be sure to check them out. ​  


This course is short. So, You won’t have to waste a lot of time trying to go through the internet searching for the best tricks and applications. All the best stuff is already collected and explained to you. And as the course is self-paced, you can learn at your own speed. So, go now and check the course out on Udemy. ​