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Linux terminal may be the most boring application for new Linux users, but it’s undoubtedly beneficial. Once a user gets used to it, it’s more powerful than a GUI app. eDEX-UI, a fullscreen Linux terminal, system monitor, and network monitor, is the coolest terminal application I have ever used.

eDEX-UI is inspired by sci-fi movies, especially from TRON Legacy movie effects. Besides having great looks, it has really cool features such as a system monitor, network monitor, GUI file manager, multi-tab support, and awesome themes.

Here is how the eDEX-UI startup looks like –

How to use eDEX-UI?

eDEX-UI can run on almost every Linux distribution that supports appimage. Download the .Appimage from the official GitHub repository, make it executable, and run it.

Make .Appimage executable

Make the file executable either using the command line or the file manager. From the terminal, cd into the directory where the downloaded file is stored, and execute the following command –

sudo chmod +x eDEX-UI-Linux-x86_64.AppImage

The above command will make the file executable. Or make it executable from the file manager. Open the file manager and move into the .Appimage directory. Right-click the file, click properties, click Permissions, and check “Allow_executing file as program.”

allow file execution
allow file execution

Now double-click the file, and eDEX-UI will run.

For more information on .Appimage files, please head over to this article.

eDEX UI interface
eDEX UI interface

How to install Themes?

  • eDEX UI intersteller theme
  • eDEX UI apollo notype
  • eDEX UI matrix theme
  • eDEX UI interface
  • eDEX UI interface
  • eDEX UI red theme

eDEX-UI ships with 5 cool themes. You can switch themes by editing the settings.json file located in userData.

Open settings.json file using nano or any GUI text editor, and change the theme name. All the available themes are located in userData/themes.

eDEX UI settings
eDEX UI settings

Once the theme file is saved, restart the application to apply the new theme. Currently, there are 5 themes available. But, making custom themes is not difficult. Read this article for more on making custom eDEX-UI theme.


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