[Fixed] bash: netstat: command not found


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netstat stands for network statistics is a network analytics tools for Unix like system. It allows administrators to get a complete overview of the system network statistics including network connections, network interface stats, masquerade connections, open ports, and so on.

Most linux distributions have netstat pre-installed. This article will solely address the error that occurs when netstat is not installed. netstat was not pre-installed on the majority of the Docker containers I used.

bash: netstat: command not found

If you get the bash: netstat: command not found error, it means the Linux distro you’re using does not have netstat installed.

netstat is the part of another tool called net-tools. net-tools is available in almost all Linux distributions repositories. So use your distro’s package manager to install net-tools.

Install net-tools on Ubuntu or derivatives

sudo apt install net-tools

Install net-tools on Arch Linux or derivatives

sudo pacman -S net-tools

Install net-tools on CentOS or derivatives

sudo yum install net-tools

Install net-tools on Fedora or derivatives

sudo dnf install net-tools