[Fixed] error: snap "package" not found

Snap has grown in popularity among Linux users. Instead of using system packages, snap containerizes their dependencies. Each snap app is unaffected by whether or not a certain package is present on the system.

Snap applications are simple to design and distribute for a variety of Linux distributions. Because snap programs package their dependencies in a bundle, they may be installed on any Linux distribution that supports snaps. Snap applications are an excellent way for novice Linux users to get past the learning curve.

Snaps, like any other package manager, has simple commands for installing, removing, and updating snap packages. Make sure your distribution has snap installed and configured before installing a snap application. If not, use your distribution’s package manager to install snapd.

Fix error: snap “package” not found

sudo snap install nordvpn
sandy@LinuxAndZorin:~$ sudo snap install nordvpn
error: snap "nordvpn" not found

If you see the error: snap "package" not found, that suggests you already have snap support installed. The above message indicates that the package name you entered into the command could not be located in the snap repositories. If you see this error, use the find command to double-check the package name.

sudo snap find nordvpn
sandy@LinuxAndZorin:~$ sudo snap find nordvpn
[sudo] password for sandy:           
Name              Version  Publisher    Notes  Summary
nordvpn-electron  0.1.0    robertmsale  -      nordvpn-electron

The find command will display the correct package name for you to use. As you can see, the proper package name for installing nordvpn is nordvpn-electron, not just nordvpn.

It will install without a hitch once you supply the correct package name to the snap command. Once provided the correct name, instead of showing snap “package” not found error, it’ll install the snap application.