Google's New 'Password Alert' Extension Another Step To Protect Against Phishing Attempts


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Google's New 'Password Alert' Extension Another Step To Protect Against Phishing Attempts

Google has taken another step toward protecting users from fishing attempts by releasing a new Google Chrome extensionPassword Alert‘. The extension protects users from being Gmail account overused with other non-google websites. As soon as it detects that the password has been exposed to any non-google website/service, it prompts to reset password immediately.

As google regularly develops tools or technologies to protect users’ credential info. This time a very easy to install and use tool has rolled out from Google that protects users’ account from being used by any non-google website/service. Sometimes you may come across an incident where you enter your account information (email id or password etc.) that looks same as Google’s login page when you press ‘enter’ or ‘login’ button and then….. you see nothing! This is also called phishing and you mistakenly/unintentionally share your login information with Google looking website.

Whenever someone is victimized by phishing attacks, he/she does not know (many times) that they have shared their information with somebody else besides Google. That is where the extension ‘Password Alert’ is a very useful security extension. It’ll inform the user as soon as user enters credential information on the non-google page.

How To Use ‘Password Alert’?

Using ‘Password Alert’ is very easy. It’s a Chrome extension that you can install and use.

  • Install Password Alert from Chrome Store
  • Sign Into your Google account
  • It’s all done! Now Password Alert is monitoring where you are entering your account detail.

Password Alert chrome extension for security