Has Github Knocked Itself Out For Open Source Community?


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Microsoft buying Github has been the talk of the town. I have never written an article on the story because I was not sure about it. Today when Microsft has confirmed that they’re buying Github for $7.5 Billion, I think we should face it. Yes, people have started talking about Github alternatives and we’ll soon cover that as well. Don’t worry! There are plenty.

Why Is Microsoft Buying Github?

According to Microsoft news release, “Acquisition will empower developers, accelerate GitHub’s growth and advance Microsoft services with new audiences”.But is that what they’re really going to do? People have different opinions. Here is how people reacted to Microsoft buying Github.


The anti-Microsoft urge persists online, but them buying GitHub isn’t necessarily bad. MSFT builds top-tier dev tools, and have recently been pivoting to more open-source.

But I’m always skeptical of big corporations being in my (the consumer) best interest.#GitHub #Microsoft

— Matt Seto (@s3t0m) June 4, 2018

Is Github Knocked Out For Open Source lovers? Should we look for alternatives?

After the news Microsoft to buy Github broke out, people started cloning their projects in some other places. For so many people Github is dead because they no longer need it. So for them, there are so many alternatives. In another article, I’ll show you the alternatives to Github. So keep coming back.

My Opinion On Microsoft Buying Github

My opinion is even after MS buying Github, we should hope good for GH and the entire open source community. Things do not go wrong so we should also look for Alternatives. ????