How To Improve Typing Speed For Free

​Ever met a friend who could type 50+ Words Per Minute easily? Surely you must have already met one or many ? And if we ask them how they were able to do it, their response would vary because some would mention a very cool proprietary program while others would mention some random cool web apps on the internet.​

But if you are still stuck searching for a cool program or looking for free and alternative ways to enjoy typing practice then lucky you. You are at the right place and below are three different ways to improve your typing speed for free:

Touch typing

The first option is completely self-based improvement and doesn’t need installing any special programs to learn. Touch typing is what most of the QWERTY (computer keyboard) people develop when they learn how to type. This form of typing encourages the user to focus on the monitor while their finger muscles develop & memorize the keyboard layout.


This is an interactive website where you learn how to touch type on your web browser. You might need to open an account to save your progress and keep track of your typing performance. Moreover, there is a cool animated adventure game too. Be sure to try it out after you are done with the lessons.

Using app Klavaro

Another option is to install the program Klavaro on your computer. The program’s equipped with tons of lessons and cool short paragraph length essays. Like most other notable typing programs, Klavaro also tracks your progress and has simple User Interface so it’s easy for newbies to get familiar without much help.


This article was not intended to be a lengthy step-by-step explanation. In case there are other cool ways to improve one’s typing speed that I’d missed out in this article, please let me know your opinion in the comment section below.