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Discord pings are an important aspect of communication in the popular chat platform. Pinging is a simple way to notify someone that you are trying to grab their attention or want a response.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about discord pings. We will discuss various commands and techniques to check pings and address frequently asked questions to use discord pings effectively.

What are Pings on Discord?

Discord pings are notifications sent to users when they are mentioned in a message or when they follow a new message in a channel. They can come in text messages or voice notifications, depending on the user’s preferences. Pings help users stay updated with ongoing conversations and avoid missing important messages.

How to Install Discord on Linux

When you divide gaming into two eras, you get gaming before the advent of Discord and after the advent of Discord. It has changed how gamers used to communicate during a game. It’s not that there was no messaging app earlier, but Discord made it straightforward to create communities and upgraded team communication very quickly.

How to Use Discord Pings

To ping someone on Discord, type an “@” symbol followed by their username. This mention will notify the user, and they will see a red badge next to the channel or server where they were pinged.

Example: @Username, I have a question for you.

How to Ping Roles and Channels on Discord

In addition to pinging individual users, you can also ping roles and channels. Use the “@” symbol followed by the role name to ping a role.

Example: @Moderators, please check the new member's post.
Discord pings

To ping a channel, use the “#” symbol followed by the channel name.

Example: Check the #announcements channel for important updates.

Customizing Discord Ping Notifications

Discord allows users to customize their ping notifications. You can receive notifications for all messages, only mentions, or nothing at all. To do this, right-click on a server or channel and select “Notification Settings.” From there, you can adjust your preferences.

How to Check Pings on Discord Mobile

Checking pings on Discord Mobile is quite simple. A red badge on the app icon indicates the number of unread messages or mentions. Open the app, and you will see red badges next to the servers and channels where you have unread messages or mentions.

Tap on the server or channel to read the messages and clear the pings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Discord Pings

How do I get pings on Discord?

To receive pings on Discord, ensure your notification settings are configured properly. You will receive pings when someone mentions you, your role, or a channel you follow.

How do you know if someone pinged you in Discord?

When someone pings you in Discord, you will see a red badge next to the server or channel where the mention occurred. If you have desktop notifications enabled, you will also receive a notification on your computer.

Why am I getting pinged randomly on Discord?

Random pings may occur when you are part of a large server, and someone mentions a role or channel you follow. It is also possible that users are mentioning you by mistake. To reduce random pings, customize your notification settings and mute channels or servers irrelevant to you.


Understanding and using discord pings effectively can significantly enhance your communication experience on the platform. From pinging individual users to roles and channels, the process is simple.

If you want to avoid notifications from someone, customize your notification settings to ensure you receive pings only when necessary.

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