How To Play Your Childhood Nintendo Games In Linux


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We all love Nintendo games that we played in our childhood. Remember Mario Bros? I still love to play that one and many others. If you wish to play your favorite Nintendo games, then no problem you can play your favorite games in Linux using ZSNES, a SNES emulator programmed in assembly language.

Play Nintendo Games In Linux

All you need to start playing Nintendo games in Linux is a SNES emulator and SNES ROMs. We’ll use ZSNES, a SNES emulator. You can google SNES ROMs and download them. You can install it easily in your Linux distribution using your package manager.

sudo apt-get install zsnes

For Fedora

sudo dnf install zsnes

Download Games Roms


Now run ZSNES either from the application menu or type ‘zsnes’ in the terminal.

Load nintendo games rom in linux emulator

Now select ‘LOAD’ from the game menu and move into the directory you have downloaded ROMs. I have Super Mario World (USA version).

ZSNES load games roms

Enjoy Your Favorite Nintendo Childhood Games In Linux!


That’s all! You now have your favorite games running in your Linux distribution. If you need more ROMs then search the Internet, you will find many more.