KDE Neon Arrives For Pinebook


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KDE developers have announced the release of a dedicated version of KDE Neon for the Pinebook, ARM architecture-based laptops that came out last year with some fanfare due to its tight price: $89.  

Now there is more than one Pinebook model and none costs $89, all are over $100 including shipping, but the invention – mobile hardware for the desktop – is here to stay and if the label was already used at the beginning Linux to introduce them, it is Linux that is now introduced to them and for everything big, with KDE Plasma.

And we are talking about equipment that assembles components such as 64-bit ARM CPU with quad-core at 1.2 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of eMMC storage and an 11 or 14-inch TN LCD screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768. With the exception of the processor and the storage, they are specifications of a decade ago, but with which it is possible to offer a low cost device with full functionality. However, nobody thought to put Plasma there, right? Well, they have done it.

In collaboration with the manufacturer of Pinebook, in Blue Systems they have worked to create an image of KDE Neon specially adapted to these teams and in the process, they have solved many errors both minor and important, in the whole software stack, kernel, graphics controllers, Qt, packaged and in KDE Frameworks and Plasma, count on KDE News.

kde on pinebook

And they conclude: “The result shows that Plasma is an excellent candidate for devices like this. The process has also produced significant performance improvements in KDE Frameworks and Plasma; a result that all users have enjoyed with the new versions of Plasma. ” All a win-win.​   ​If you have one and want to try it, the KDE Neon download for Pinebook is available. But let’s go back to the issue that prompts this announcement: KDE Plasma, the most complete desktop environment that exists is valid for low-performance teams? Beyond this specific case, it has been difficult for the general perception to disappear according to what myths and now almost everyone is clear, whether they like the experience or not, that KDE Plasma is a light desktop environment, although there are still lighter.