Keeweb A Linux Password Manager

Keeweb A Linux Password Manager

Today we are depending on more and more online services. Each online service we sign up for, let us set a password and this way we have to remember hundreds of passwords. In this case, it is easy for anyone to forget passwords. In this article I am going to talk about Keeweb, a Linux password manager that can store all your passwords securely either online or offline.

When we talk about Linux password managers, there are so many. Password managers like, Keepass and Encryptr, a Zero-knowledge system based password manager have already been talked about on LinuxAndUbuntu. Keeweb is another password manager for Linux that we are going to see in this article.

​Keeweb can store passwords offline or online

Keeweb is a cross-platform password manager. It can store all your passwords offline and sync it with your own cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Keeweb does not have an online database of its own to sync your passwords. To connect your online storage with Keeweb, just click more and click the service that you want to use.

store passwords in cloud with keeweb

Now Keeweb will prompt you to sign in to your drive. After sign in authenticating Keeweb to use your account.

authenticate dropbox with keeweb

​Store passwords with Keeweb

It is very easy to store your passwords with Keeweb. You can encrypt your password file with a complex password. Keeweb also allows you to lock file with a key file but I don’t recommend it. If somebody gets your key file, it takes only a click to unlock your passwords file.

Create Passwords

To create a new password simply click the ‘+’ sign and you will be presented all entries to fill up. You can create more entries if you want.

create password encrypted file with keeweb

Search Passwords

search passwords easily

Keeweb has a library of icons so that you can find any particular password entry easily. You can change the color of icons, download more icons and even import icons from your computer. When talking about finding passwords the search comes very handily. 

linux password managers

Passwords of similar services can be grouped so that you can find them all at one place in one folder. You can also tag passwords to store them all in different categories.


change keeweb theme

If you like light themes like white or high contrast then you can change theme from Settings > General > Themes. There are four themes available, two are dark and two are light.

Don’t’ you Like Linux Passwords Manager? No problem!

I have already posted about two other Linux password managers, Keepass and Encryptr and there were arguments on Reddit and other social media. There were people against using any password manager and vice-versa. In this article, I want to clear out that it is our responsibility to save the file that passwords are stored in. I think Password managers like KeePass and Keeweb are good to use as they don’t store your passwords in the cloud. These password managers create a file and you can store it on your hard drive or encrypt it with apps like VeraCrypt. I myself don’t use or recommend to use services that store passwords in their own database.

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