Linux Messengers For Facebook

Hi Guys, Today I am going to discuss messengers that you have in Windows but have you ever wondered that they have a version for Linux too. One of my friends asked me today if we have a Linux messenger for Facebook. There are several Linux messengers for Facebook but two messengers are that I used and I am very much satisfied.

1 – Facebook messenger ( Not an official application)
2 – Pidgin

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has been working nicely for me. I have been using it for almost a month and I am happy with its performance. You can download it from messengerfordesktop and then you can go to the bottom of this page and you will find different versions of Linux Messengers and messengers you can use in different types of operating systems. Since I am using Ubuntu so I downloaded Deb 64 bit. After downloading the package you can locate of on your hard drive. Now you can follow the steps underneath and you will be able to install facebook messenger for Linux.

Steps to setup Facebook messenger

1 – You can open the terminal(ctrl + alt + T) and then you can use pwd command to know the directory you are in. After that, you can use cd command to go to the directory where the messenger package downloaded and saved.

2 – First, you can type in terminal “sudo apt-get update” without quotation marks and then hit return, it will ask the admin password. Once you enter the Admin password it will update all the repositories.

3 – After updating repositories you can type in terminal “sudo dpkg –i Messenger_linux64.deb” without quotation marks and hit return. It will again ask for the Admin password and once you enter it, it will install the package. In between, it will ask to type “y” and enter. Once the process is complete you can repeat step 2.

Now the messenger is installed and ready to be used.

Pidgin Messenger

Unlike Facebook messenger, Pidgin is a multi-protocol messenger. It can be used as several types of messengers such as Yahoo messenger, Facebook messenger, AIM messenger, ICQ messenger, and many others.

It is fairly easy to install Pidgin messenger because this messenger is already available in default Ubuntu repositories.

Steps to install Pidgin Messanger in Linux

1 – Open terminal and type “Sudo apt-get update” and hit return. It will ask for the Admin password and once you provide the password it will update all the repositories.

2 – You can then type in terminal sudo apt-get install Pidgin and hit enter.

Once you hit enter you can type the password and it will install the messenger. Finally, you can repeat step one to update all the repositories. Messenger is now installed and ready to be used.

Hope this article was helpful. See you next time. Have a good one!

Update –

Pidgin no more works with Facebook. But still, you can use Pidgin for other networks.