Linux Mint To Kill KDE Edition, LMDE 3 Codenamed "Cindy"


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​A few months ago I reviewed Linux Mint KDE edition. At the time I reviewed it, I didn’t think it could be the second last review of mine of Linux Mint KDE edition. The team has decided to stop the Linux Mint KDE development after the next release Linux Mint 18.3. So the last release of Linux Mint KDE will be 18.3.  

Linux Mint To Discontinue Linux Mint KDE After 18.3

​In a post at Linux Mint blog shared much important news on the future development of Linux Mint. A piece of bad news came for Linux Mint KDE lover. As I mentioned above that I’d no longer be continued after 18.3. So those who are using Linux Mint KDE can either wait to use the last release or switch to other flavors.

There are no words as to when Linux Mint 18.3 will be released so we’ll have to wait for the date of the final release.  

LMDE 3 Codenamed “Cindy”

​The post also talks about the LMDE 3 release. For those who don’t know what LMDE is, it’s a Debian version of Linux Mint. It’s a fallback option. In case Ubuntu disappears, Linux Mint won’t die but continue to provide a robust OS based on Debian. So the next release of LMDE will be LMDE 3 or codenamed as “Cindy”. It’ll be based on Debian stretch.  

Full support for Flatpak in Linux Mint 18.3

flatpak full support in Linux Mint 18.3

​We’ve talked about Flatpak in an article here. So you can read what Flatpak are and it benefits the developers and end users. Many new Linux distributions come with the support to install and use Flatpak seamlessly and in Linux Mint 18.3, Flatpak will be fully supported.​So this was the big news from the Linux Mint blog. There is more talk on other stuff that you can read in the official post. ​