New Tabbed Layout Coming On LibreOffice v6.2


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LibreOffice, the most popular open-source office suite program is set to feature a new look and feel in the coming v6.2 release, called the tabbed layout. As of now, the current stable version is in v6.1.4 and its default look currently mimics the traditional menu-based GUI and some toolbars.

One can download the latest testing version from its official website. LibreOffice features commonly used applications a user can expect on any office suite program such as a word processor program, a spreadsheet, a presentation, and a database program.

New Tabbed layout

new libreoffice tabbed layout

LibreOffice v6.2 features a new tabbed layout that is similar to the latest versions of MS Office suites. That means many existing MS Office users will have a smooth transition between the two office suites without demanding some steep learning curve. It’ll be a relief to know that a user who is in the habit of using the proprietary office program won’t have problems when switching to the open source one. He can get working right away seamlessly.

Where to download the latest testing version?


libreoffice download page


The latest LibreOffice version is expected to be in the stable branch during the end of January or early February. If you can’t wait to try it out, you can download the testing version on your computer. And maybe you can contribute something back to the community by reporting issues. So what do you think about the new upcoming LibreOffice version? Throw in your opinions in the comment section below.