Notepad++ Snap App Review


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Notepad++ is a lightweight and popular programmer’s text editor, originally developed for MS Windows Operating System, and now available on Snap Store for Linux users.   The program is developed using C++, hence, the name Notepad++. Its official website claims to save more CO2 emission by utilizing fewer resources and CPU. Nonetheless, Notepad++ comes equipped with many useful features like syntax highlighting, buffer restoring, automatic code indentation, etc.  

Install Notepad++ In Ubuntu

Using Ubuntu Software

install notepad++ ubuntu software

To install Notepad++ on Ubuntu, launch Ubuntu Software and type in Notepad++ then click Install.  

Using Terminal

Launch the terminal program and type in the below command to install Notepad++.

sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus

After the application is installed, you can launch it from the all apps overview by pressing Super+A.

A Pro and A Con of Notepad++


The program is the same executable file used on Windows platform, thus, this is not an alternative app that mimics Notepad++.


The window scaling is small and might prove inconvenient for users with poor eyesight.

notepad++ environment

Notepad++ features

Below are 6 cool features of this text editor:  

1. Syntax highlighting

Notepad++ supports syntax highlighting for almost all programming languages, to name some few: C, Rust, Java, HTML, etc are all supported.  

2. Line duplicating

This is the same as copying and pasting the current line, only, without the use of the mouse. To duplicate the current line, press this two key combination Ctrl+D and the line will be duplicated below. Also, multiple lines can be duplicated by highlighting them and pressing the same key combination i.e., Ctrl+D  

3. Line transposing

Transpose means “cause (two or more things) to exchange places” and line transposing is an interesting feature in text editors that allows a programmer to easily swap the line position either up or down. To move the current line down, press Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow key

notepad++ Line transposing

Replacing the “Down” with “Up” will move the current line down. Multiple lines can be highlighted and transposed at the same time too.  

4. Working with multiple tabs

This is the same as opening multiple tabs on your Firefox or Chrome window for multi-tasking purpose. Notepad++ supports opening multiple tabs for your current session. To start a new tab, press Ctrl+N.

5. Buffer restoring

With buffer restoring you can quit Notepad++ without closing the tabs and later resume your work with them again on next launch i.e., those unclosed tabs will be restored back automatically.  

6. Customize code formatting for new language

In case, code formatting is not supported for your programming language of choice, you can create one for it. Click Language option from the menu bar and select Define Your Language.  

Skinning Notepad++ Editor

The program’s editor area can be skinned with themes to your liking. Click Settings option from the menu bar and select Style Configurator. Then select one of the themes from the drop-down list.

notepad++ editor for linux


Notepad++ is a great text editor for programmers and other users (since it’s customizable). It provides the most common features found in Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).​I’ve come across a buddy who uses it as a To-do list program because of its ability to restore previous sessions. Let me know what you like about this snap app in the comment section below.