Popcorn Time Watch Movies and TV Shows On Linux

​Watching your favorite TV shows and movies series is what you all guys do every day. Flash, Iron Fist or Moana and many more awesome movies and tv shows that we love to watch. The problems come when you are traveling. Many of your shows or movies are restricted to a particular region and cannot be accessed when you are traveling or want to just quickly watch that awesome flash punch from an episode of 1 month old.

​There are many reasons why we will want a TV service that can give us all shows at one place. Let us watch all kinds of movies, shows without any kind of restriction.Now here is the time where Popcorn Time comes in the game. Popcorn Time is a bit-torrent streaming client that helps you to watch movies and TV shows regardless of the location. You can find it supported on almost all of the wide range of the operating systems.

As Popcorn Time streams using Bit-torrent clients it may occur to your local lawsuit that it is illegal, so we at LinuxAndUbuntu takes no responsibility for this guide usage in any manner. We are sharing this guide here just for educational purposes and not for offending any kind of law. We clearly understand that watching Paid services without paying them is illegal and guides our users to take decisions on their own senses.

There had been several lawsuits that caused Popcorn Time from time-to-time to shut down, but users keep forking it and it is currently in active development. The developers of Popcorn Time suggest users to use a VPN service to avoid any kind of legal consequences.

How To Get Popcorn Time

​Installation and usage of Popcorn time are very easy. Firstly download popcorn time for your Linux PC below. There are also other OS listed too in case you want.


​After the download is complete, extract the files.Now, run the file named popcorn-time. It will show you options regarding what to do. Choose the option to make/mark it executable and run. You can also apply this setting manually.

Wait some time, soon popcorn time will launch greeting you with an agreement. Hit agree. You will be now presented with the popcorn time home screen.

​You can choose what you want from the options from the top panel.

​You can tweak the settings from the gear icon at top right corner. I recommend you to turn on subtitles (in case). You can also connect to various other services here.

​Now go back and choose anything that you want to see. Here like choose a recent TV series to watch. You will see a loading screen as below.

​Wait for the screen to load any your show/movie will start. You can double click for full screen and vice versa.

Enjoy watching your favorite series/movie. By the way, popcorn time will automatically delete the content it downloaded after you have watched the video, so tension regarding space.

We will still recommend you to use VPN service and have knowledge about your local law in case you shouldn’t do anything that is illegal.And if you are going to watch your shows, go and get some POPCORN first.


​Popcorn time is really an incredible service that many people are unaware of. It comes with many awesome features and works in almost all locations. I found watching series on it smooth and stable. Popcorn time had also offered me synced subtitles and I was able to connect services I use with it. However due to some places local laws some people will find it difficult to use but that is common. Overall popcorn time is an awesome software.Did you use popcorn time? What are you watching? Tell me I am here to hear your opinion on my favorite show and POPCORN.