Puppy Linux 8.0 Released


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Puppy Linux is one of the tiniest Linux distros. It loads into RAM and runs from it making it faster than most Linux distributions. Puppy Linux 8.0 “Bionicpup” came out yesterday with a couple of new features and latest software.
As the codename ‘Bionicpup” suggests, this release is based on Ubuntu 18.04.

Here is what’s new in the new release –

  • woodenshoe-wis rox filer.
  • rox now has copy and paste!
  • compton compositor set up as default. adds subtle shadows to
  • windows and menus.
  • matching JWM, GTK2 & GTK3 themes
  • claws-mail now has a tray icon.
  • steps findnrun now default in tray
  • rg66 & geoffreys tweaked retrovol
  • ffconvert swapped for qwinff
  • homebank is back
  • sunfish chess
  • guvcview
  • redshift-gui
  • janky_BT bluetooth
  • gpick instead of gcolor
  • take a shot instead of screeny

The support will end in 2023.

Download Puppy Linux iso