Ravenfield A Single-Player 3D Shooting Game


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Ravenfield is a single-player 3D shooting game available on itch.io and steam. The game is still in beta so it looks like a “prototype” i.e., not complete, still yet it’s completely playable and fun at the same time.

I’ve tried the game and discovered it to be more enjoyable than Red Eclipse or Open Arena, mainly due to the reason that Ravenfield game physic is realistic and comes equipped with many interactable objects.

System requirements

Fairly modern hardware is all one need. Dedicated GPU is not really required but recommended if you intend to play on high-quality (Fantastic) option enabled.

Downloading & Installation

To download Ravenfield head over to this website and scroll down until you see the Download section. There’ll be three options for different platforms, you can even download for your pals too if they have a low broadband connection. I’m supposing you are reading this article on a Linux computer (obviously the name linuxandubuntu.com gives it away :P).

download ravenfield for linux

Thus, if you are downloading for Linux platform it’s the third option you click.

Alternatively, if you have steam or itch app installed on your computer you can install it from within the app. Whichever method you choose they’re still the same with the only exception that the game environment may vary.

Launching the game

After you’ve downloaded the zip file you can extract it to your directory of choice (usually around your home folder) and run the game.

ravenfield game options

For those who have steam or itch app installed on their computer, it’s fairly straightforward, you click install and when it’s ready, click the launch button to start the game.

Brief gameplay overview

After selecting either one of the two op: Island or Dustbowl, you’ll be spawned and assigned to the blue team. The goal is to set up your team flag on all the available checkpoints. And be wary there’s another team (red) trying to overpower you too. When either of the team scores high either by kill count or dominance, that ruling team wins.

ravenfield gameplay in linux

As usual with any first-person shooter game, you move the character by pressing the keyboard keys W, A, S, and D along with the mouse movement to change direction. The functions of the mouse include: left click to fire, right-click to aim, and scroll button (either up or down) to switch weapons/gears.

You can lean and fire at your enemies if you’re hiding behind an object (eg:- tree or wall), by pressing Q (to lean left) and E (to lean right). Try turning on caps lock to enjoy the slow motion.

Day and night mode

​You can play the game in day or night mode, select NIGHT MODE before choosing an op: Island or Dustbowl. Make sure you change your gears too, don’t forget to equip yourself with night vision so you don’t run blindly in the arena.

Many interactive objects

ravenfield gameplay kill objectives

Unlike other first-person shooter games where you can’t drive a jeep or fly a helicopter, Ravenfield comes with many interactive objects. Some of them include

  • QuadBike

Two seater vehicle. You either drive or be seated as a passenger.

  • Jeep

Four seater vehicle. Can be used to transport your team.

  • Boat

Similar to Jeep, the only difference is it transports on water.

  • Tank

Two person operator; one operates the tank gun and drives it around too, while the other operates the gun on the turret.

  • Helicopter

Similar to tank, the only difference is it flies in the air ? For first-timers flying might be a challenge but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun!


Each team is limited to two tanks and a helicopter, and while those machines may be superior to the stick on your hand, you can take them down with missiles. That’s it, folks! Hope you are hooked up, go ahead download and try the game. Let me know what you think about the game in the comment section below.