Red Eclipse: A Fast Paced First Person Shooter Game

​Red Eclipse is a fast-paced casual arena shooter game based on Cube 2 engine. Players can play against drones in offline mode or play against other players through networking. Slightly blending to Sci-fi, Red Eclipse features rich environment and fun gameplay.  

​System Requirement

​The game runs fine on integrated GPUs like Intel for a modern system not dating back to 2013. Otherwise, a dedicated GPU (NVIDIA or AMD) is a must if you want optimal performance.  

Install Red Eclipse On Linux

Open Software on Ubuntu or Software Manager in Linux Mint and type in “red eclipse” then click INSTALL. While it takes time to download around 600 MB read on below to get a brief overview of the game.

One can also download Red Eclipse from the official website and it offers the latest version. Red Eclipse 2.0 is also underway which will require more GPU and is based on Tesseract engine.

Game Overview

The keys W, A, S, and D will control the player movement. For the weapon, use the right mouse button for primary firing or left mouse button for secondary firing and the mouse wheel for switching weapons.

When you launch the game you’ll be greeted with options to play online or offline or otherwise tinker with the game settings. To start the game right away without hassle:

Click on OFFLINE PRACTICE, choose a mode and a map (or stick to random option) then click START. Press E if the game suspends longer.

There are four basic game modes one can choose from:


​In deathmatch, you play to kill the drones/bots only. And depending on the map you chose there’ll be either two teams (multiple players such as shown in the screenshot below) or four teams (in which case you’ll play solo).


​In bomber-ball player has to navigate the location of the bomb first and deliver it to the enemy base (and boom!). To lock the bomb only to your team members press and hold F key and as simple as that there is also a time before the bomb detonates. So either hurry or pass it to your teammates to reset the timer.


​Capture the enemy flag and deliver it to your base to score points. The Red Eclipse wiki has this tip for newbies “Defending the flag in your own team’s base is a good strategy for beginners, as defenders get a powerful buff, and can stay just where they respawn. ”


​In defend-and-control, there’ll be multiple points for the players of each team to either control it or overthrow their enemy’s point. However, it takes more time to overthrow an enemy’s point than conquering an empty point.


​Apart from just firing weapons you can set up mines or collect two grenades and effectively kill the bots and otherwise perform a melee when you get close to your enemies (using the Q key). Last but not least, the rocket is an interesting weapon too, don’t forget to pick it up when you are outnumbered. It guarantees you instant multiple kills.