Shoot Spaceships In Another Classic Arcade Hyperspace Drifter


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Hyperspace Drifter is a classic arcade space shooter game. The game features beautiful 3D-like environment settings and cool flat-like spaceship art. It is lightweight too so the game does not require much computing resources unless you are playing it in maximized window mode.


Hyperspace Drifter is available on full review is here.

Click the Download button and choose the Linux build version to start downloading the game’s zip file package. After the download completes successfully, extract the zip file to a folder.

​For itch users, you can directly install the game from the itch app itself.

Hyperspace Drifter Gameplay

hyperspace drifter gameplay in linux

Use your mouse to control your spaceship movement. You can hover left and right to move your ship left and right respectively. Moving up and down doesn’t work and there’s no way to speed up or slow down the ship.

​To shoot the enemies, use the left mouse button. Initially, the game starts with your ship covered by a circular disc. This might be used to indicate your health or cooling system (for this article let’s assume health instead) The disc loads down the moment you keep shooting the enemy spaceship. Or sometimes when the enemies fires at you and hits your ship. Gradually when the disc loads down too low, it turns red to indicate “low” health as a warning sign for you.

Additional stuff

hyperspace drifter linux game

Hyperspace Drifter features additional quirky gameplay stuff for you to enjoy.

Try pressing S and see what it does. This key spawn smaller spaceship around yours. Now you have more firepower with you. So smaller companion spaceships mean… easier gameplay but there’s a cost to this S key too. Your health system goes down a lot when you spawn an additional ship and that’s not good if you have enemies already at you because there’s a greater chance of dying too fast. The trick is to spawn when you’ve just cleared the current enemies on the screen so you have more time to heal yourself after spawning.

​Moreover, there’s a slow motion mode for you to avoid getting hit by the enemies firing at you. Just click and hold the right button on the mouse and you’ll enter a slow-mo mode allowing you more time to decide your spaceship movement. Combine the slow-mo mode with multiple spawned child spaceships and see what happens :-O


Hyperspace is a cool arcade spaceship shooter game worth trying on your free spare time. Hope you’ll fall in love with the game graphics/art content as I did. It’s minimal and enjoyable too. Let me know what you think about this game in the comment section below.