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Technically, physically, mentally, chemically games are those things that make us feel like a child again. Age doesn’t matter, what matters is that spirit that is inside us, that “gamer” spirit. When I  joined Linux two years ago, I installed steam firstly to get my games from the windows back. Now I’ve got a library of limitless free and paid games having my CS: GO too.

I am a daily CS: GO, player. All my favorite games are on Linux via Steam. That is why I decided to review it for you guys who are new to the Linux world and are in doubt that how to use steam, what is steam? All the answers are here. So here is Steam for Linux.

Time has passed since steam joined the Linux race and now it is one of the awesome Linux software that has a distro too. Yeah! Steam is not only available in many distros as software to install but it has its own distro which is made especially for gaming purposes. So steam for Linux and steam Linux. Whatever you want!

How To Install Steam In Linux? [Steam For Linux]

Installation of steam is pretty simple as software. In ubuntu or ubuntu-based distros, you can download it easily from the software center. When I downloaded it from my Linux mint software center, its size was barely 10MB but it is just a launcher. After installation of the launcher when you will launch it, it will download some additional files (depending on system requirement), the download was smooth and quick and I was able to view the sign-in screen soon. After downloading additional files completed, you get presented with a screen asking for some authorization (based on country) and after that, you will be required to sign in using the steam account.

install steam from linux software center

  (If you cannot find Steam in software center, here is a direct link)

However, I encountered a problem on Ubuntu that it was not launching. If you encounter the same problem here is the solution. Run this command in the terminal then try relaunching steam. find ~/.local/share/Steam/ \( -name “*” -o -name “*” -o -name “*” \) -print -delete I was having no account and so I created it from the app itself which was fairly easy a few steps and you are done. Steam does not force you to verify your account first then log in only. You can verify the account later but I recommend it be done soon. Verifying just takes that you have to click the verification link in your mail and you are done.

Also steam will ask you code to authorize the PC. This code will be sent by the team to your mail-id. Open it and type and authorize the computer and hit next.

log in to steam in linux

  This was easy. Now I was presented with the steam welcome screen.

varify steam account email id

Steam is now ready to let you download your favorite games. There are many free and paid games on steam for Linux. Just you need that gamer’s spirit to play that. Although, In my whole experience with steam it was a bit complicated the fruits are sweet.    

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Steam Screenshots

Below are some screenshots of steam taken by me during the whole process.

Also if you are having launching steam on your ubuntu check out the discussion on ubuntu forum below –

Here you will find some discussions on some steam games, check them out too.

I will love to hear about the games you play every day on Linux. Be sure to comment so I and other Linux newbies can play that too.


Steam is an awesome platform for Linux. Nowadays we are having the best of the games on Linux too. The crown of games from windows is surely snatched since steam came on Linux. I every day play games on steam without any problems. There are a lot of free games on steam too. I also buy games on steam as CS: GO, as they deserve to be purchased (also due to my favorite). I will surely recommend you to try steam, it is awesome as a heaven for Linux gamers.​

What are your favorite games on steam? Or your favorite games are not available on Steam. Let us know all that in the comment section below.