Switching From Windows To Linux

Windows is there in our life for a long time. From our school’s computer labs to our PC at home where we had been playing games to every neighbor in the hood everyone is using windows for a long time. Switching is never easy especially when most of the thing you own is compatible with Windows only not Linux. But there are reasons why you want to switch that’s why you are here, to find out the problems, their solutions and most likely reasons why you want to make the switch.

​I will help you in the best way I can because I also made that decision, so I know what could be problems and their solutions.  

Reasons To Switch

Why should I promote you to switch? Here are the best reasons why you want to switch to a Linux based OS, that you already know but still wants me to remind you (Probably).

  • Linux based OS is free. Yeah! Completely free, no hidden cost and no shitty license agreement that forces you not to distribute or modify OS. It’s yours and you are completely free to modify, share it if you want (GPL v2)
  • Nothing that can’t be uninstalled. Linux based OS will never force you to use or have any special preloaded app. Don’t you want it? Uninstall it. Simple!
  • You get to choose you what you want to update/upgrade or not. No one will ever force you for updates and even if you wish to stay on the old version you will regularly get updates still (LTS).
  • Most windows apps have an alternative. There is a nice community to help you with Linux based problems. No one is doing spy on you. There is no fear of viruses (Not even that Wanna Cry). You can freely theme, choose apps, play games, listen to music and video and all other tasks you do in everyday life.

​I told you enough reasons. Now as you want to know the preparations you have to do to switch is below.

The Perfect Distro

You need to find the distro that you would love to switch. That you find most easy and suitable for your machine and needs. As there are a lot of distros in the world, below are some suggestions. Take your time and read and make decisions. In my case, I chose to go with Linux Mint as it is most easy to switch to cinnamon DE for a windows newcomer (I themed it windows 10 for better adaptations).

linux mint customized distributions

​In case you still can’t decide, drop a comment. We will be glad to help you with it.

Backing Up Things

You need to backup things in case something goes wrong. Use Clonezilla or any other alternative software of your choice to take a backup. In case you lack the storage space physically, do it online in Gdrive, Dropbox, Photos or any other. In case you use a streaming service your online stored content obviously won’t be affected.  

Best Softwares

You might encounter various problems while switching and as I told above switching is never easy but I am here to solve this trouble a bit. Let me point out the problems that you can face and how to solve them.​The first and most obvious problem is software. Most famous windows software many times don’t have Linux support and that could be disturbing. However, there are a lot of alternatives that you can find and the best thing is that almost all are free.

GIMP is the answer to your requirement for Photoshop and so is LibreOffice to MS Office. Transmission is for Utorrent so is Uget for IDM. There are a lot of alternatives available it just depends on what you need. However many famous apps are available on cross-platform too like VLC, Clementine, Gparted, Chrome, Steam and much more.  

Some Good Discussions

Here are some of the good discussions on various forums that will help you to setup with Linux easily.​https://askubuntu.com/questions/389228/what-default-windows-software-alternatives-does-ubuntu-have


​They will surely solve your software and DE related problems.

Desktop Environment [DE] To Choose

That was the thing everyone is worried about. A perfect DE can not only make your computer work like charm but will also ease out everyday use. Its actually DO that most persons have difficulty to choose but we at linuxandubuntu have to take care of this too.​


But in my suggestion, if you got 1GB RAM or more and is completely new to Linux, go to Cinnamon. It is considered the best DE for new users.



Feeling strange while switching is common. It’s hard for the first few days or maybe months to adopt new OS, new patterns, and all other new stuff. You require a good time to set up things again but this results in great benefits in the long run. Being free, secure and powerful there is almost no such kind of task which Linux based distros can’t do.

All you need is to decide and move. In case you want to move but still having doubts or needs help if stuck somewhere don’t hesitate to drop a comment. We will be glad to help.