System76 Oryx Pro Review


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System76 Oryx Pro Review

  ​​How about we begin with the way this isn’t generally a “portable workstation.” The guts of the Serval Workstation make it more desktop than a tablet. Desktop-class 4-GHz i7 processor. 16GB of DDR3 RAM. 128GB SSD. Also, for the GPU, a 6GB nVidia GeForce GTX 970M ​Also, that is recently the unit they sent me. You can pack up to 32GB of RAM and 5TB of capacity in this apparatus. In. A. Cracking. Tablet.The show is 15.6 crawls with a 1080p determination. It’s an extraordinary screen. It may not be 4K, but rather let’s be realistic, for the greater part of us 1080p is out and out dandy. The reason I specify this autonomously from alternate specs is that the 1080p screen, while extraordinary, is the main piece of this machine is simply “very great.”

Each and every other part qualifies solidly as cracking crazy.

This is, in all reality, a convenient desktop PC for somebody who needs extraordinary power and is not willing to make bargains. Below are the specifications of this model –


SCREEN                                          1920×1080 matte, optionally IPS display
OS                                                       Ubuntu Linux 16.04
CPU/TH>                                        Intel Core 4-GHz i7
RAM                                                  32GB
GPU                                                  GeForce GTX 970M
HDD                                                 128GB SSD
NETWORKING                          Gigabit Ethernet, Intel Wireless-AC Wi-Fi
PORTS                                    Ethernet port, SD card slot, 2 Mini DisplayPort, HDMI port, 3 USB 3.1 eSATA ports, 3 USB 3.0 Type-A ports, both headphone and mic jacks.
SIZE                                                  15.6″ × 10.7″ × 1.1″
WEIGHT                                        5.5lbs
BATTERY                                      Li-Polymer – 60 Wh
PRICE                                              $2,000

The greater part of that top of the line, desktop-class craziness comes at somewhat of a cost, in any case. In measure. Of course, the Serval Workstation is, actually, a tablet… yet it’s truly about as thick as two of the greater, top of the line portable PCs from different merchants stacked ideal over each other.This terrible mamma-jamma has some genuine ventilation, as well. It would need to with that desktop-class CPU. Gracious, and the power block is the span of a Ford Focus. Plus or minus.

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  In any case, and that is truly the thing, this isn’t a “portable workstation” in the conventional feeling of the word. Truly, it’s formed like a portable workstation. Truly, it’s versatile. Furthermore, indeed, I assume you, in fact, could put this PC on your lap – every one of the 7 ½ pounds of it – however, that is not what it’s worked for. Particularly in case, you’re wearing shorts. I’m almost certain it would consume the hair on your legs wipe off.Whatever is left of the specs are truly no-nonsense too. 4 USB 3.0 ports, an eSATA port, SD card per user, 1080p webcam, Gigabit Ethernet. what’s more, a portion of the best speakers I’ve ever heard on a tablet? What’s more, the console, gracious the console! Extraordinary feeling, pleasant format, and finish with an entire 10-key number cushion.

This is, in all reality, a versatile desktop PC for somebody who needs outrageous power and is not willing to make bargains.

Video altering. Code assembling. Logical figuring. Those are the things the Serval Workstation is worked for. Not for wishy-washy web perusing and spreadsheet altering (however it would do those only dandy too). No. This machine is for the general population who require extraordinary speed and crude power.

system76 top view

As it were: This isn’t a portable PC that I would prescribe for the vast majority.

​It’s not awfully compact; I couldn’t fit the accursed thing in my portable workstation knapsack. I’d have to purchase another pack to oblige its gigantic size. What’s more, that is without thinking about what carrying around an eight-pound portable PC would do to my shoulders.Furthermore, the vast majority basically needn’t bother with a top of the line, desktop-class i7 CPU combined with a 6GB GPU. For hell’s sake. The Serval accompanies practically as much RAM committed just to designs as the “top of the line” Macbook Pro accompanies… altogether (GPU and System RAM set up together).

Be that as it may, for individuals who require monstrous power? There is, essentially, nothing that I have ever observed to equal the Serval. Enormous, insane, rankling power.

Follow? Daring. System76 isn’t offering a mass-showcase tablet here. This is a particular sort of client with particular needs. What’s more, hot damn, they nailed it.

The greater part of that speed and power isn’t frightful costly for what you get, either. The apparatus they accommodated my testing specs out at $2,089 (it begins at around $1,800). I was not able to arrange a tablet that verged on touching the Serval’s specs from some other maker, and many (counting Apple) offer more costly rigging with far lower specs. Along these lines, as nutty as it might sound for an apparatus like this current, it’s really a truly decent arrangement.

The Serval ships with Ubuntu ideal out of the case. I additionally stacked up openSUSE. Both Linux circulations ran phenomenally well. (Would it run Windows well? I have no clue. I couldn’t think about any justifiable reason motivation to check.) When I addressed a specialist at System76 he entertained me with the tale of ensuring the firmware on the Serval bolstered Linux as flawlessly as conceivable appropriate out of the door. That earned huge brownie focuses with me.

One Side Note :

​While this machine is, plainly, pointed towards experts with requesting drive necessities, the Serval Workstation makes a completely ridonculous gaming machine. Simply take a gander at those specs. This is a LAN party dream machine.  

The second side notes :

I think there would be a great support for all System76 clients because they offer lifetime support and they are currently running great offers which allow you to get a discount on their products.


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  A reasonable, able tablet that accompanies Ubuntu pre-introduced. Equipment arrangement issues are a relic of times gone by for Linux clients. Pleasant matte show and a lot of energy to be had in the mid-to-high arrangements. Brilliant help for Ubuntu-related issues.  


Battery life is extremely unimportant. Slam maximizes at 16GB. Official help is constrained to Ubuntu Linux.​  


Presently, with all that off the beaten path, there’s the genuine inquiry: Would I thud down $2,000 for the advantage of having this pc? For the time it would spare in rendering video ventures – alongside the gaming speed it gives – you know… I’m truly thinking of it as.Although System76 really did a big work Because they support shipping to all regions. To know more about them, kindly take a look here.