The First Malicious App Enters The Ubuntu Touch Store & Quickly Removed


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First malicious app entered the ubuntu touch app store

If you’re using Ubuntu Touch then this is for you. Recently the first malicious app has entered into the Ubuntu touch store by bypassing the security measurements. The app does some malicious activities and changes the default flash screen without any permission. Fortunately, the app called “test” has been quickly removed from the store after being noticed.

This can be disturbing for some of us using Ubuntu Touch that how quickly a malicious app has got entrance to the Ubuntu touch store but I think most of us think it differently by seeing the active behavior of the responsible Ubuntu touch community. The store is being monitored sincerely, in case the security measurements fail, the community is there to report the issue and fix it soon.

What Does The Malicious App Do?

As far as the behavior has been analyzed, the app changes the splash screen maliciously. Developers are still finding if there are any other damages or activities of the app. The person who installed and run the app would notice the splash screen Ubuntu logo has been replaced with a text “Logan Lamb”. Although the activity may seem to be not damaging unfortunately it is. The app is changing the default behavior without any permission from the developer of the OS. And one more thing, not sure if this is the only activity of the app. The app might do something else that developers are finding.
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Ubuntu Touch Active Community

Although it is a lack of security measurements that the app successfully uploaded to the Ubuntu touch store the community was so active that the app was quickly sensed and removed. Because of the active community, the app was not installed by a large number of users. After the deletion of the app, an email has been sent to users who downloaded the app, suggesting to remove the app as this may cause serious damage to the system.